Friday, April 23, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite... Links

So for BIP I need to do a link post. I thought I'd go a little off the book subject and link you to some of my favorite internet-ish things. I listen to this so much lately that I may have to upgrade some day! I love it here because it helps you to discover "new to you" groups.

YouTube: It still amazes me the stuff you can find here! I find it fascinating how it's become such a part of our lives. Some examples:

DialIdol: this site predicts the results of American Idol and we find that fun

JoshHe says he's working on a new CD. Sheesh, it's taking a long time!)

Jason (did you know his CD just came out, finally. I'm loving it.)

Goodreads: which I'm still totally enjoying after all this time. Are we friends?

All Recipes: my favorite recipe finding place

Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations: if you're into books and lists like me, this is the place!

Book Blog Search Engine: I use this all the time to find "other reviews" when I write my posts.

IMDb: My favorite place to go to figure out pressing questions like: who was the dude I just saw in that movie? or how old is so and so? or what other things was so and so in? or when is his next movie coming out? or what year was that again?

Okay enough. This is a silly post, but what better thing to post on a Friday than silly?

Do you love any of the sites I've listed above? What are some of your favorite sites? Tell me all the ones I forgot! Better yet, tell me about all the ones I'm unaware of! There's tons I'm sure.


  1. I have been using just the general blog search engine to find other reviews, didn't know there was a specifically bookish one! I think that will get me much better results.

    One of my absolute favorite YouTube videos is this one of people making music blowing across the top of bottles of water - speeded up, of course. It's so cool!

  2. I love this post! I hadn't heard of any of these except of course YouTube and also Book Blogs Search Engine, which I also use for my review posts.

    I'm listening to Jason Castro (I love him and want to get his new CD) on Pandora right now! Thank you, thank you. I wish everyone would do this through BIP (also new to me, thank you), especially this links post and also the one that said to post how to do things on your blog that you may be an expert at. We all know so many different things, it would be fun to share.

    OMG, I'm loving Pandora...

  3. My husband and I say "knowwhatimean, vern?" to each other all the time. Glad it's not just us!

    I don't spend a lot of time on YouTube - my loss, I know. But it can eat SO much time when I do, like the time we went looking for old Carol Burnett Show sketches.

    And thanks for reminding me about Jason Castro's album - I need to download that. One of my all-time favorite Idols :-).

    Thanks for all the fun stuff!

  4. Jeane: Yeah, it's great as long as they are listed there. I think she has like 1500 blogs listed at the moment. All bookish ones. Amazing.

    Lynne: Oh, I'm so glad to have brought Pandora to your attention! It's like putting your favorite music on random... but then adding new ones to the mix too. I love it.

    Florinda:I mostly use YouTube to look something specific up, but of course, then you end up on tangent things... just like any fun internet site. But seriously, we find the most random things on there all the time. So fun.

    Enjoy Jason's new songs! I wish it were longer, but oh, well.

  5. P.S. to Lynne, I was going to say that I'm totally stumped as to what to post for a how to post. I can't think of anything I know how to do that might be interesting!

  6. What a GREAT idea for a post!!

    My youngest daughter turned me on to Pandora about a 9 months ago and I LOVE it!

    I tend to use YouTube for educational purposes - although I am learning to go there when I have any "how to" questions.

    I absolutely LOVE Goodreads - All Recipes - and Book Blog search engine. We have very similar tastes :)

  7. IMDb helped solve an argument at book group once.

    Youtube helps me get my much-needed American TV fix, commercials and all!

    Didn't know about Flashlight Worthy...gotta look into that...knowwhatimean?

  8. Suey, I don't know either, but I wish someone would tell me how to do one of those montages, where you put like 4 book covers in a row, side by side, in a post.

    I think there are little things like that that people know how to do and just assume everyone else does too.



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