Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Christmas Festivities Continue

I wasn't reading much last Sunday because we had a birthday celebration to host and Christmas to still get ready for. Now today, there still won't be much reading because we'll be entertaining out of town visitors. My sister-in-law and her four boys, who are here from Maryland for the week, should be arriving anytime now to hang out at our house for the day. They'll probably go to church with us, eat dinner with us and watch a movie or two. Maybe we'll play a game, do lots of talking and eat more Christmas treats. It'll be fun, and we've been looking forward to their visit for months. We only see them every other year or so.

But it means I won't get much reading done. Even though, as I said last post, I'm trying to reach that 100 book mark! I've got bookmarks half way through a couple of easy ones, so I may come close, but I guess we'll see.

Some other posts planned for this week:

How I Did in Challenges? (pretty crappy)

Review: The Hunger Games (Yes, it's as good as they say.)

Book Blogging Goals (I have a good list going, if I can just remember it ...)

New Challenges to Join for 2009 (even though I'll probably not complete them!)

Number Crunching 2008 books! (My favorite part of keeping track of books read!)

So stay tuned....


  1. Good luck with your 100 book goal! I joined many 2009 challenges and I have my doubts whether I will finish them, but I'm excited about them anyway.

    Happy New Year and Happy Sunday!

  2. Your number crunch should be interesting. I am looking forward to it to inspire me to keep better reading records.

    Also glad to hear you enjoyed Hunger Games. I have, apparently, been living under a rock and had never heard of it until a few weeks ago. I took it out of the library but I will not get to it until 2009. Really excited to read it though!

  3. Here's to your 2009 achievement of 100 books!

    I'm glad you are having a great holiday weekend.

  4. I hope you find a quiet moment to take a deep breath and relax just a little. :-) It sounds like things are very hectic for you right now.

    I look forward to your upcoming posts. I will be posting about the new challenges I'm joining this week too--the ones I probably won't finish. LOL

  5. Good luck with getting to the 100.
    All the best for 2009



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