Monday, December 1, 2008

It's All About Movies: Four Quick Reviews

We watched our fair share of movies this past holiday weekend, in fact, one every night (except Wednesday.) Here's what they were and here's what I thought:

Made of Honor: One of those romantic comedy types that ended up being more silly than romantic, starring the lovely Patrick Dempsey. It followed the basic premise of "My Best Friend's Wedding" only with the guy running after the girl. She did ask him to be her "maid" of honor, which put a fun twist on it. Oh, and it was filmed in Scotland which I loved. However, the movie itself? Just so so. Kinda crude in parts, so I give it only one thumb up.

Get Smart: The Mr.'s been dying to see this one. He remembers the old TV series. I was willing to give it a go, but with reluctance. It stars Steve Carell of The Office fame, and good old Anne Hathaway of Princess Diaries fame. The movie was another so so one for me. It was a sort of silly James Bond type of thing and the jokes and gags weren't funny at all to me. That sort of thing, I just don't get. A hesitant barely one thumbs up.

Australia: Saturday we decided to go to the "real" theater... the brand new one even. The only thing playing there that we both thought looked interesting was Australia. (I couldn't talk The Mr. into Twilight, and I have no desire to see James Bond.) We didn't really know anything about the movie except that it was LONG. At least we were prepared for that. Anyway, as it turns out, we loved it. (Well, I loved it, I have no idea what he really thought, I think he liked it fine too!) It was about a lady who came over from England to save her husband's cattle ranch in Northern Australia. She ends up falling in love with the mixed race little boy (a "creamy" they call him, played by an amazingly beautiful kid) who lives on the ranch, and of course, the "drover" too. (They guy who drives the cattle to and fro.) Then there's the guy who worked for her husband, the one who she sacks nearly the day she arrived, who is the "boo hiss" villain in a big time way and causes them all kinds of unspeakable grief. Meanwhile, WWII shows up in Australia and of course, that's never a good thing either.

Anyway, it was great. Hugh Jackman was amazing of course. And Nicole Kidman too. Oh, and then there was all the cool Aborigine culture mixed into it all. Two thumbs way up! :) And I just have to post a trailer for you:

Becoming Jane: My movie for this evening, one I brought home from the library this week... one that I've been wanting to see forever and just never managed it. Finally, it's been watched! Starring Anne Hathaway (she was everywhere for me this weekend I guess) as Jane Austen, this movie tells of her love for a guy she can't have. Circumstances just don't allow for a the happy ending. It makes me sad. Poor Jane Austen. Great movie though. Two thumbs up!

So, have you watched any of these movies and if so, what did YOU think?


  1. We watched Get Smart last night; it was funny. Not spectacular, but we didn't expect it to be, either.

  2. I never realized how much carell resembled the original star of the Get Smart show until I watched it. I loved the movie, but on a nostalgic level only.

    As for Australia, this is on my must watch was the shower scene??? I'm dying to know. Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite hotties.



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