Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Funny Conversation

On the way to returning a video game to the store, The Mr. and the kids were remembering the history of Nintendo.

Moder(12 years old): The first one we had was Super Nintendo, right?
The Mr.: Right. But there was just a regular Nintendo before that.
Moder: Then we got Nintendo 64. But instead of getting Game Cube we got Xbox.
Toto (8 years old): And now we have the Wii!
The Mr.: I remember when there weren’t any video games.
Moder and Toto: No video games????
The Mr.: Yeah, the first video game I ever saw was on a thing called Atari and the game was called Pong. It was just a couple of lines and a bouncing dot.
Moder: Really? Do you still have it?


Moder and Toto: MOM! Hey, Mom... did you know that once there were no video games?
Me: Uh, yeah. That wasn’t very long ago you know.
Moder: Yeah, Dad says the first one was Atari.
Me: Yeah, we had that too. You know, once there wasn’t any DVD players.... or even any VCR movies... or even any CDs!!!
Toto: (with huge eyes and chin on the floor): Really? No movies?
Moder: What’d you do? You coudln’t watch a movie whenever you wanted? How’d you watch a movie then?
Me: We went to the theater. Or watched on TV.
Moder: There were TVs then?
Me: Uh, yeah! We had TV!! Hello! I’m not THAT old!
Moder: So, what about music?
Me: We had records, tapes and the radio. Hey, did you know we had NO COMPUTERS either!
Toto: WHAT? No computers? Wow......
Me: Yeah, we used typewriters.
Moder: Oh, yeah, I’ve seen those. Now, they are cool! So.. you didn’t have internet then either, right?
Me: Right, no computers, no internet. We got internet about the time you were born. The first computer we had was when I was in high school. Wow, that was so cool to be able to type something up and then print it.
Moder: So.... did you have ovens?
Me: Yeah.... but no MICROWAVE ovens!
Moder: So... how’d you cook popcorn?
Me: With the air popper or on the stove top.
Moder and Toto: So, with no movies, no computer, and no video games.... what’d you do?
Moder: HEY!! I know! THAT’S why you like books so much! That’s all you had to do!!!


  1. It's amazing how OLD this makes me feel!! Yes, I we had an Atari too! I loved Space Invaders!!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL that is hilarious!

  3. I STILL make popcorn with the air popper or on the stovetop! That microwave stuff tastes like plastic.

    This was so fun to read. I remember having a similar conversation when mine were littler.

  4. Very cute!! The fact that I can relate really makes me feel my age. I once said something to my daughter about a typewriter and she said, "What's that?".

  5. That's a hoot! I feel old, too. I didn't even have Atari - I played games on my Commodore 64.

  6. So funny and cute! I can't imagine the conversations I'll have with my kids one day. My almost-three-year-old plays games on pbskids.org. When I was three, it was 1978. Enough said. :)



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