Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Reviews: The Pale Immortal and The Lost City of Faar

Book: The Lost City of Faar (2nd book in the Pendragon series)by D.J. MacHale
Rating: B
Genre: YA Fantasy

I read the first of this series a couple of years ago. Since then, my kids have totally devoured the whole series and have said, "Mom, you gotta read the rest of them!" So finally I picked this one up.

I must say though, it didn't grab me as much as the first one. This series is about a 14 year old kid, Bobby Pendragon, who learns he is the Traveler from Second Earth. As such, he is chosen to move between worlds to help solve various problems that crop up and and to try and save everyone from be destroyed by the major evil bad guy!

This 2nd one was fine, but just not as exciting as the first. My kids LOVE them though and read them one right after the other. I may give it a break before I go on to the third!

Book: The Pale Immortal by Anne Frasier

Rating: B+
Genre: Suspense/Fantasy

It's kinda funny how I ended up with this book. We were at a BB game for our son, and my husband noticed a mom reading, so knowing I'd too shy to ask her about it but knowing I'd be curious, he up and asked her what she was reading. So she said it was a "light, for fun" vampire book and we started talking about the trend for vampire books lately.

Since then, I kept thinking about it and wondering if it was a good one or not. So finally, I ordered it from PBS and read it as soon as it came.

This is the story of small town with a legend of a vampire in its past. It's about a recluse author who can't go out in the day because he has that disease... allergic-to-the-sun thing. It's about a 16 year old kid who gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and who is trying to find out who he is. All in all, an interesting plot, but...

.... my feeling is that this it not really the kind of vampire book I'm in search of. It was a bit too gory for me. I want mysterious, romantic, haunting, with just a touch of creepy. This was a bit too crude and over the top for my taste. (Definitely not light and for fun!) The "traditional" vampire genre may just not be for me, but still, I'm curious about it and will keep looking!

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