Friday, June 15, 2007

A New Favorite Author

Tuesday, at library day, we listened to author Martine Leavitt. She just did a simple question and answer format, and it was really fun! I love to listen to authors' stories of how they got started, their suggestions for being a writer, where they got their ideas from, etc. She was fun to listen to and had some great stories. I read a couple of her books last week, and now I've got three more to read, a fantasy trilogy of course! But they're all very small, so it should be no sweat!

I LOVE her style and way with words, so I'm excited to get going on them. After reading those three, there's two more she's written that I'll find and read... then I'll be all caught up with her books and will be standing by for her to finish more!

But first I have to finish up a couple others, and then I got anther book that was on hold, so I have to read it first.... *sigh*


  1. Ooh. Sounds like a candidate for my Summer Hidden Treasures contest... stay tuned and I'll post the details tonight, although some of my friends have posted the sneak peek.

  2. OK. You talked me into it! A new author to add to my reading list!



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