Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mini Review: The Dragon's Tapestry

Book: The Dragon's Tapestry by Martine Bates (Leavitt)
Rating: A
Genre: Fantasy (YA I would think... though they are shelved in the adult section)
So this is the first book of the trilogy (very small books they are too... could have been one book I'm thinking!) by the author we listened to at the library a few weeks ago. I managed to check all three of them out, and breezed through this first one in no time.
It's about a girl who appears to be born an orphan, though we found out later the true story about that. In this world, a person has a tapestry woven for them at their birth, which sort of gives them a road map of their life.... without it they are "soul-less". Marwen thinks she doesn't have one... (but we as readers know that one was actually woven for her after all.) It's about a bad dragon that of course Marwen is destined to vanquish.... and he is also looking for his tapestry. There's a prince and an evil step brother and all the makings of a great fairy tale!
I really enjoyed it because it has some unusual twists and turns, and there's the whole new world created by the author which is quite different than most fantasy books I've read.
Number 2 and 3 are sitting there waiting for me now! I keep adding to my list of series to be working on. It never ends!

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