Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Let School Begin!

It's been a crazy week. Something every night. Some nights, several somethings. I also had an anniversary... 24 years! Whoa. I am so not that old. Am I?

Outside my window: Saturday night here right now, so it's dark, and quite breezy since a pretty awesome storm blew in awhile back. It didn't last long enough though, so that was sad. And I actually missed the rain part because I was in a dumb store.

I am listening to: Hmmmm, sounds like someone is watching Remember the Titans on TV at the moment.

I am watching: Just watched another Dr. Who episode.. season two now which means I'm on to the David Tennant shows finally! Yes everyone, I agree, he is really cool.

I am thinking: and wondering about the internet and all the places I play there. It makes me crazy. Anyone else? Crazy like, I enjoy it and have fun, but at the same time, it makes me depressed and.... crazy. Anyone? Anyone?

I am grateful for: lots of stuff really. You know, all the stuff. Yeah, all this stuff in my house? Turns out I'm grateful for it after all.

I am reading: I had a goal to finish Middlemarch today, but it did not happen. I'm so so close. I should be reading that now instead of doing this. It would only take a good concentrated sitting to get it done. Most of the week I've been reading The Way of Kings, finishing part three this morning. Wow, what a crazy fun fantasy this is being!

I am photographing:

Onion rings from Good Wood.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice... banana and strawberry flavor.
So why am I photographing such things? Only to have fun adding pictures to Four Square, which I seem to be getting into lately. I know, NERDY!

I am listing: nothing really. But I am looking back on previous lists I made and realizing, there's lots to do!

I am creating: Did I tell you I finished the scout scrapbook? That felt nice. Now I've just got to plan a Court of Honor. This Eagle business never ends I tell you.

I am hoping and praying: that everyone adjusts well to this school year. Lots of changes going on around here, lots. We could be in for a ride!

Around the house: a minute ago there were lots of kids! Lots of big teenage boys! And all my kids were home too, which felt nice. But now, I'm not sure where every one went. They don't stay in one place for long you know.

From the kitchen: Oh man! That reminds me! I was going to make cookies tonight for a thing tomorrow. Is it  too late? Gah, I really don't want to deal with it now!

One of my favorite things: Going to a Josh Groban concert I would say is pretty much one of my favorite things... maybe my most favorite thing. Maybe.

The children this week: Oh boy, it's going to be an interesting week, this one coming up. We will cut our kid amount right in half! One kid off to one college, and moving out for the first time. The other kid off to another college and moving out... again... after only being here the summer. The other two kids will be starting school this week too, one of them in 7th grade, which means lots of new things, and she is nervous. And I will have my free moments back, which doesn't mean much because I probably STILL won't accomplish anything.

Plans for the week: Accomplish something with my free moments!

On this date: Four years ago, I was raving about Markus Zusak! Go figure! :) Last year I posted family pictures.

Here's to a new week! Happy Back to School!

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Isn't Shave Ice yummy? Especially when it's served with Macadamia nut ice cream.

  2. Maybe I should check out Dr Who. Sigh.

    I totally understand the internet thing. I love all the stuff we can do but the amount of time I spend on it makes me feel like I'm wasting away.

    Those onion rings are crazy huh?

    Good luck this week.

  3. Good luck getting the kids packed and off to various colleges and schools. This always feels like a hectic time of year.

  4. happy back to school. I hope it all goes smoothly and happily for everyone!


  5. Those onion rings are huge! My husband's been wanting to go to Goodwood forever. We could walk there, but we haven't made it yet. :)
    Good luck with your court of honor. I get to help with one of those next week, too.

  6. I'm right at the end of Season 1 of Dr. Who and I can't wait to get to Season 2. I'm also in the midst of Middlemarch (p. 441) so you're farther along than I am.



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