Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye to Weekly Geeks

Back when I was a newbie blogger, I came across a fellow book blogger named Dewey. I thought she was the rock star of all book bloggers. (I know now that we were actually about the same age blogging-wise. Wow.) She knew what she was doing. And she went out and made things happen. The rest of us followed along enjoying the ride. One of the things she created was a meme she called Weekly Geeks. The idea behind this meme was to come and see what the topic or assignment was for that week, then work on it throughout the week, put a post up, and then visit other people's posts. The difference between this one and the many others that are (or were) out there, was that you had to actually WORK for this one. It was a blogging project every week. I loved it! It made me think, it made me be creative, it was so much fun participating. Some of my favorites from Dewey's day were:

The Cover Guessing Game
Author Pictures
The Scavenger Hunt
Asking for Review Questions

Just to name a few!

When Dewey died in late 2008, some of us came together to make that Weekly Geek meme live on in her honor. I was happy to be part of that effort and it's been fun these past few years to try and think of something "Dewey-worthy" to put out there as a Weekly Geek assignment. Some of my favorites that we've all come up with have been:

A Character Conversation
Writing a Book Poem
Trivia Questions
Author Fun Facts
A Cover Study

Now, after nearly three years of keeping this meme alive, we've decided it's had its day and can be officially, but sadly, retired. I'm going miss you Weekly Geeks! It's almost like saying goodbye to Dewey all over again. Thank you to everyone who has participated over the years! It's been a blast! Be sure head on over to the Weekly Geek site to read our final tribute to Dewey and check out other Geeksters' goodbye posts.


  1. I know now that we were actually about the same age blogging-wise. Wow
    I know! It always surprised me when people would do an anniversary post and I'd realize they started within a few months of me.

    I can see where it is time for Weekly Geeks to end. Sad, but time. Thanks for helping to continue it.

    That scavenger hunt was huge! That was the first lines one? I met so many bloggers doing that. I should go back and read that post again.

  2. What fun features; what a great way to foster community and memory. It is wonderful that you and other continued enjoying your friend and honoring her these past couple years.


  3. It IS like saying goodbye to Dewey all over again. But we still have the Readathon!

    Your blog and mine are the same age, but I know what you mean with that "wow" about Dewey starting around the same time as we did - she really was ahead of the pack, and I'm glad I had the chance to learn from her!

  4. I started blogging after Dewey passed but I remember participating in weekly geeks when my blog first started. It was a great way to meet people.

  5. This is such a nice tribute to Dewey "the rock star of bloggers" (I love that!). It makes me sad because it makes me miss her. Sometimes change can be so very hard. Thanks for posting this, Suey.



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