Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear UPS Man: Please come!

I'm dying for this book to arrive today.

I don't normally sit at the window waiting for the UPS guy to come, but today, I'm finding myself doing this very thing. I don't even have plans to read it the very minute it arrives either, though those plans may quickly change! But I just want my collection complete. Ten again, maybe my collection is just really getting started because I keep having this small tickling of an idea that's forming telling me it would be fun to collect all the different versions/covers/printings of his books. Someone should stop me now!

Perhaps I'll be back later with an update if it actually arrives in the next little bit. Wish me luck on willing that UPS guy to get here soon!


(Sorry, it took me awhile to actually update and add this lovely picture! So now it's really three hours later or something. Off to read fold clothes!)


  1. I actually just got my SECOND copy of UNDERDOGS in the mail the other day. I haven't read it yet, but I really need to. I hope you get yours today :)

  2. Susan: Seriously? Argh, why won't they send me one? Don't they know I would, like, rave... no RAVE about it? I begged for an ARC, but nothing came. Should I have not given up and ordered it after all?

  3. I hope your book arrives soon! I still haven't read anything by him. I really must do so...

  4. Oh, I hate waiting for the UPS guy! I need to go order this one straightaway. I can't believe I haven't yet. Um, I love Zusak too but every cover? That's a bit out there. Plus if you do it than I'll want to too. ;)

  5. I don't see an update. Hope that means you're busy reading and not still camped on the front stoop!

  6. K, I ordered mine but I ordered it with a pre-order and it probably won't come till the end of September. Can I touch yours and smell it and stuff till mine comes? ;)



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