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The Way of Kings Read Along: Part Four Questions

The Way of Kings read along continues, but is rapidly coming to a close. Only one more section after this and it's only 50 pages long! Wow. I've loved this book and am amazed at how fast these pages have flown by. Very fun stuff.

Kailana was in charge of questions this week, so here they are with my answers. If you are interested in other answers (believe me, they are all much MUCH more thorough and intelligent than mine!) you can click on over to our read along site. And as always where these read along things are concerned, BEWARE THE SPOILERS!

1. One thing that I have thinking about during the course of this book is what Brandon Sanderson is trying to say about religion. Jasnah is an atheist. Shallan believes, but is still trying to find herself. Dalinar believes strongly in the ‘Old Ways’. What do you think of this idea?
I just think he portraying that there's all kinds of people who are on all different levels, or pathways, of religious belief. It's very much what's in our real world, don't you think?

2. The relationship between siblings is an important part of this book. Adolin has always been at the forefront of Dalinar’s two sons, but Renarin is important, too. What did you think of the two brothers? Going back a generation, what do think of Dalinar and our glimpses of his brother? Then there is Kaladin who joins the war to protect his brother and fails. And Jasnah whose brother is King. Or Shallan who puts herself in a dangerous situation to help her brothers out following her fathers’ death. What do you think of these relationships? Did any stick out for you?

Awesome question! I hadn't thought about all these relationships much, but there is a lot going on with them. The one that sticks out the most for me is of course Kaladin and Tien. Heart wrenching to finally experience the moment Tien is killed. How awful. And the whole "let me take his place" thing was a bit like Hunger Games, yes? I wonder if Brandon Sanderson has read that? :)

I am curious to learn more about Renarin. I don't see much interaction between him and Adolin at the moment, but maybe there's more to come there. I hope so.

The back story of Dalinar and Gavilar is very intriguing! A brother love triangle? And why did she choose Gavilar? Hmmm....

3. Kaladin has been included in every section. Why do you think this was? Did you wish to have a break from him, or did you enjoy knowing he would be explored with every section?

Oh, I've been glad there's been no break for him. I would have missed him terribly! I think he is in every section because he is the MAIN main character, and that this whole series will center around him. Sort of like Rand and the Wheel of Time. He's the one that's gaining those old magic powers, and stuff is going to happen! Well, I guess we'll see...

4. One of my favourite characters in the book is Syl. What do you think of her and her development throughout the course of this book?

She got big suddenly! What's up with that? Interesting. I've loved watching her character development. She reminds me a little of Tinker Bell... anyone else? I think that much (more than much really) of Kaladin's success is thanks to her. She's proven to be a very good ally. Let's hope nothing happens to jeopardize that. I really look forward to seeing where her character goes throughout the series.

5. And, the big question, what do you think is going to happen in the last section? Any predictions?

Oh man, I have no idea! Kaladin will pair up with Adolin and Dalinar. Shallan will become a true ward of Jasnah. Szeth will kill everyone, and next book, we will start all over! :) I really have no idea. Like I said, I'm the worst predictor of plots ever! 

As much fun as I've had with this book, I'm glad to move on to some short fast books for the next little bit. Just for bit though, until I pick up the next big fat one that's waiting for me!


  1. Great answers! I haven't done mine yet... I am slack! At least I got the questions asked. :)

  2. This book has been so hard to predict what will happen. Each time I think I "see" the way there is a new path. I love it.

  3. I'm really curious as to whether Kaladin will continue to be the main character in the next book or if he will have these characters rotate that role. I have a vague memory of him saying in that video interview that Shallan has a big role to play in the next book but that could just be a false memory at this point. I would actually like that idea, having 10 different volumes in which each character gets a chance at being the lead.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about Navani and why she made the choices she did. Also more about Dalinar and his relationship with his deceased wife and what happened with the Nightwatcher.

    I agree with you that his portrayal of culture and religion, though in a fantasy setting, feels very much like our real world.

  4. I'm surprised how fast you've made it through this big book. Way to go!

  5. Have you got to the part where Syl realizes what kind of spren she is? I keep thinking that she used to be with Szeth. It took Syl and Kaladin together to be able to do what they're doing. She knew if she left him that she'd forget herself and go back. I think when Szeth was given the shard blade that she left him and forgot herself until she latched on to Kaladin. I can't wait for you to finish the dang book. I can't say anymore!

  6. Hahahaha. "Szeth will kill everyone, and next book, we will start all over." Funny stuff. This book has been hard to predict for sure.

  7. With Sanderson, there are so many red herrings that it's impossible to predict what's going to happen next. It makes for a more interesting read. I wonder who would win in a duel, Kaladin or Szeth?

  8. I just put my post up, and I mentioned too that Syl reminded me of Tinkerbell. So glad I'm not the only one. But I'm not a big fan of Tinkerbell at all, so I had to really work at getting that image out of my mind.
    Navani tells Dalinar at some point that she married Gavilar because she thought Dalinar was too "intense" or something along those lines. I didn't really like her at first, but she's grown on me. Maybe she needed to mature a bit to be worthy of Dalinar. When you're royalty, you hardly ever get to marry who you want, do you?
    I love Kaladin and it would have been weird to have a long break from him.
    Since you've heard Sanderson speak before, do you know how many siblings he has? Someone on another post was wondering, because he portrays sibling relationships so accurately.

  9. Kailana: Yes, awesome questions. I may have to do questions this week, so I better start thinking...

    TBM: I know, I love it too. I really don't like predicting and just like to enjoy the ride.

    Carl: Good thinking about everyone getting a turn in the spotlight. That will probably be the case, huh. I will miss Kaladin though.

    Jenny: Amazing huh, I say let's read Under the Dome in Oct. for RIP. What say you?

    Donna: I finished! Just after writing this post on Monday actually! Wow, lots of mini cliff hangers for every character! Sheesh. Interesting theory about Syl and Szeth. I like it!

    Logan: Yeah, I'm really thinking it's possible! LOL.

    Books: Oh wow! A duel between them both? That would be insane! I would still have to cheer for Kaladin, but would be sad to see anything happen to Szeth too.

    Shelley: I'm with you on not liking Tinkerbell too much. Syl is not so nearly obnoxious. So that's good.

    Yes, I'v heard him speak many times, but can't recall that he said much about siblings. Interesting. My guess is he has a bunch, but really I don't know.



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