Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Concert: Christopher Cross

Because one concert in a week isn't quite enough, I found myself going to another concert last Monday! This one was held at our local outdoor theater, and featured Christopher Cross, a guy whose soft and mellow music reminds me of the 80s, slow dancing, a movie called Arthur and General Hospital.

The 80s: This is the one people wanted to hear the most and kept calling out to him to play. I think he got a little annoyed, but turned it into a joke, which we (the audience) went with the rest of the night. He closed the show with it and it was so so good.

This on is one of my favorite songs of high school times! Lots of slow dancing memories!

From the movie Arthur...I should really watch that one again sometime... and what a wonderful song:


 This song is about a girl he knew that was killed at 19 years old, but General Hospital ended up using it for the whole Luke and Laura thing, remember that? Anyone? When he sang it at the concert, I got chills:


Obviously, these aren't videos of my concert (the top two I mean)... BUT I did actually take a few of my own videos which didn't turn out too bad even. Here's one I'll share of a new song of his that also gave me chills, which I why I whipped out my phone to try and capture it:

It was a really fun night, no rain even, sitting there listening to this really calming mellow music. I loved it! Up next on the concert line up... Brian McKnight!

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  1. When I was serving on the USCGC Legare, our captain loved Christopher Cross. Everytime we'd complete a RAS/FAS (Replenishment At Sea/Fueling At Sea) exercise with the Navy, he would pipe "Sailing" LOUD over the intercomm as the two ships broke away, much to the embarrasment of the crew, since the Navy always had cool breakaway music. I always thought he did it as a joke, because the Navy ships were always so much bigger than we were that we almost looked like a sailboat in comparison.



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