Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Bookish Sort... Mostly

** Hey, did you know... Markus Zusak's Underdogs is out! I need to order it still, so don't you go and get the last one! (Oh dear, did someone get the last one already? It doesn't say "in stock" anymore! What is UP?  I knew getting my hands on that first Underdog book was too good to be true!)

** Hey, did you know... if you pre-order John's Green new book, The Fault in Our Stars, he will sign it for you? I already got mine ordered, so you can go and ahead go for it...

** Here's what I know... reading long, big, fat books does not help your Goodreads number go up so you get behind in your 100 books a year goal. I am currently TEN books behind....nope, make that 11! It goes up everyday! Will I make it to 100 books this year? Ah, the suspense!

** Guess what though? I love read along/buddy reads. The Way of Kings has been really fun so far. These people really like to discuss their fantasy!

** I'm about ready to invite my book club over to watch Middlemarch with me in few weeks. Guess how long it is... seven hours! Do you think anyone will come? Do you think anyone will last the whole movie? What if I made caramel popcorn? Would that help?

**Did I tell you about how I went to Borders last Saturday with Jenny? I got five books, and hopefully some day I can even read them.

** I've been feeling really angsty all week. Angsty? Is that a word? Blah? Blech? Off? Depressed? Dumpy? Worthless?  Ennui? Oh, I love that word! Whatever the word, I hate it. Make it stop. And I know this has absolutely nothing to do with books.Well, it actually sort of does, but that could lead to much whining and complaining and I best not go there, right? Or maybe I have already? Oh crap.

** Utah Bloggers! I think we are still planning on another bash soon! Working out the details still, so stay tuned for more info! If you are newish and we aren't aware of you, time to speak up... now.

** Oh hey! Speaking of Science Fiction and Fantasy (or was it just fantasy I was speaking of?), have you seen this latest list? (I link you to Carl, because that's where you can discuss if you feel so inclined.) I have read lots of them, and have not read lots of them and have lots of the series' in progress. I feel so perfectly nerdy! Hmmm... what is the plural of series anyway?

** Ah, just finished the first season of Dr. Who! What fun! Now I know what many of you have been talking about! Can't wait to keep going. Hmmm..... now how does THAT fit in with books? Oh, science fiction...right right!

** Shall I go on? No, I think not. BYE!


  1. I am enjoying the read-along for The Way of Kings, too! Hopefully I will find time this weekend to do the post...

  2. Oooh I'm a Utah blogger! Pick me! Haha. I didn't get to go to the last one so I'm hoping I can make it this time.

  3. Don't worry, Josh should take the angst away, and all the books you're borrowing from me soon are all quick reads that should up your Goodreads numbers. ;)

  4. OMG - I so agree with Jenny - Josh will take away your angst

    I loved this post Suey, sorry to say but I laughed a few times. I am sure come Sunday morning all while fantastically well.

  5. When you say the "first" season of Dr. Who are you talking about just the latest incarnation or do they really have the entire series from the inception available? The hubby and I used to love watching Tom Baker as Dr. Who.

  6. Kailana: Yeah, I'm hoping to write that post, and a Josh post today. Oh, and read too!

    LL: YAY! Yes, do come. Do we have your info? You are The Story Girl blog, right?

    Jenny: I look forward to the quick reads you are going to loan me. Josh was awesome. But now I may angst that it's all over....

    Ibeeeg: I glad you laughed, because I wrote it very snarkily, feeling so so so, I don't know... obnoxious I guess. It's Sunday morning now, and I am very tired. But my Josh thoughts will need to come out soon, so stay tuned.

    Lisa: The first season meaning of this latest modernized version... the one with Christopher Eccleston as the dr. Now on to David Tennant as the Dr. which I hear is awesome.

  7. Hope you had a good time at your concert! I'm newer, too, so I'm excited to meet everybody when there's another get together. Everyone seriously seems so nice. :)

  8. I can't believe Green is signing them all! I just bought mine, thank you!

  9. Ooh! Thanks for the heads up on the signed John Green. I already had the book on my wishlist, but I went ahead and ordered!



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