Thursday, April 14, 2011

Character Connection: Ed Kennedy from I Am the Messenger

Time once again to gush about a favorite character. It's been awhile since I participated in Jen's Character Connection, but I've been wanting to do this character for quite some time, and hopefully it's okay now.

The character I want to highlight today is Ed Kennedy, 19 year old taxi driver from I am the Messenger by yes.. Markus Zusak. As I said in my review, this boy reminds me a lot of Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye. Now, a lot people can't stand Holden, and I get why... because he is just all around obnoxious and whiny and a bit disgusting and crude.. not to mention foul mouthed. But despite all that, I felt drawn to him, like somehow I could see that deep down, all this kid needed was a friend, or someone who would just listen to him for a moment.

Ed Kennedy is much the same way. He's floundering and knows it. It bugs him. He wants to make something of his life. And in the end, he does, which is the cool and awesome thing about him and his story.

More interesting facts about Ed:

  • he faked his age so he could drive a cab
  • he rents a shack to live in
  • his "housemate" is the Doorman, a dog who he feeds coffee
  • he doesn't have a car because "in my time off the last thing I feel like doing is more driving."
  • he has "a TV that needs time to warm up, a phone that almost never rings, and a fridge that buzzes like a radio."
  • his father died, and his mom is a piece of work
  • he has "dark hair, half tanned skin and coffee brown eyes"
  • he's in love with his best friend, Audrey who "won't touch me because she likes me more than anyone else. "
  • to sum up he says ,"I cook. I eat. I wash but I rarely iron. I live in the past and believe that Cindy Crawford is by far the best supermodel. That's my life."
That's him when the story opens. After the book... after he stops a robbery, helps a running girl, saves a wife, plans a picnic, finds a daughter, mends relationships... just to name a few, he's still the same as above... and a whole lot more.

I love this kid!


  1. Ah Ed, he truly is one heck of a guy. I always wonder what little part of him is like Markus. Of course, maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I like to think there's a piece of him in all his characters.

  2. I've pondered writing about Ed before, but I've never gotten around to it. You did a great job! He has such a gigantic heart, and there's so much of it in that book.

  3. Jenny: I totally think you are right. I really wish I would have asked him that question. Next time! Right? Next time.

    Jen: Ah a gigantic heart! Love that! I should have said that! :)



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