Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who Is John Galt?

Today, I have questions:

First of all, really, who IS John Galt? Do you know? Do you care?

Have you read Atlas Shrugged?

If so, did you get it? Did you like it? Did you read the whole radio speech?

If you haven't read the book, do you plan to?

Hey, there's a movie now! What do you think? Did you see it? Will you see it?

Why aren't more bloggers talking about this book and/or movie? (Then again, maybe they are, just not in my circle of participation.) But I really do rarely see it on all our lists and in our discussions. Am I right?

What does this mean?

My answers:

I read Atlas Shrugged years and years ago after a radio talk show host said it was the book that wowed him the most of all the books out there. I'd never heard of it. I knew nothing. So I got it and read it. I didn't know (I eventually learned) that it was supposed to be this HUGE statement about the world. I remember enjoying it though. Do you know how long this book is? It's freaking huge! (1088 pages huge) And then I got to the radio speech that lasted for 50 pages and I just didn't get it! I wanted the story back. I'm pretty sure I skipped the whole speech. Yeah, I'm shallow like that. But what a feeling of accomplishment to have read that crazy book. I was so surprised to hear about the movie (like just last week and it's already out now... where was the buzz?) It makes me wonder if there will be a re-interest in this book. However, I highly doubt I'll be re-reading it. I do think I'll probably see the movie though, even if it is only the first third of the book, and my favorite part of the book was the last bit!


  1. It's been on my to-read list for years. "We the Living" is one of my favorite books and I've wanted to tackle her other work. Some day.

  2. I've been aware of it for years, but I've never really known what it was about. The trailer was interesting. Is it a good representation of the book do you think? I'm not afraid of the length, but I guess I thought it was full of philosophy that I wouldn't be interested in. The movie looks more like a mystery or thriller.

  3. I loved this book because of the message it coneyed but damn is it a beast! I made it through the radio portion but it was a struggle at times. Not sure yet if I will see the movie.

  4. I know! Where is all the movie buzz? I just heard it was a movie less than a week ago. I haven't read the book...yet. My mom did and LOVED it but even she skipped some of the radio speech, which she claims she did not! My brother in law said that was the best part! I don't know, one of these days I'll have to get to it.

  5. I read this one a couple years ago and was impressed. I made it through the radio speech, but I definitely loved the story more. I heard about the movie a couple months ago, but didn't know it was out until a few days ago. I'm going to try to see it tomorrow. I heard that one reason there is very little buzz is because the whole first movie was made for only $10 million, which is pretty amazing nowadays if that's true. So there was almost no marketing budget, which makes sense. It's a difficult book to imagine as a film so I'm interested to see it.

  6. John Galt? No idea.

    Stupid-person answer: I've never read Ayn Rand. I'm not a big fan of movies made from books, really. When I do see them, I like to compare the two. And, sometimes I'll compare screenplay to book. But, I never go rushing out to see a movie immediately. Our theater sucks, for one thing. For another thing, we didn't even HAVE a theater for over 2 years. We drive 30 miles to go to the theater. Last week, a tornado hit behind the theater we prefer and the Storm Chasers caught it on film. I am still coming down off a major freak-out.

  7. Ha. THE Monologue. It is infamous. I do love ATLAS SHRUGGED though. It is such an awesome statement on fulfilling one's potential because one wants to do it and not because one is obliged to do so. I'm hesitant to see the movie, only because of my love of the novel. However, it is getting rave reviews from those who have seen it, except for critics of course. If you see it, let me know how it is!

  8. I am reading this book right now and I am enjoying it very much. I will watch the movie after I finish the book. Have you heard anything about the release dates of other parts?

  9. Utah Mom: I've read several and they've all be really good.

    Kay: It's been so long since I've read the book that I won't be able to say how good the movie represents it.

    Reviewsbylola: Yes, definitely a beat!

    Jenny: I wonder if I tried it again, I would get it... probably not.

    Avid: Interesting! I wish them luck!

    Bookfool: Wow! That does sound scary!

    Michelle: Will do.

    Tanu: I haven't.

  10. I have read the book, I am impressed by the ideals of the book a lot, that I am writing a blog on it.



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