Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts for the Day

Some stuff I'm thinking today:

** Anxious to see the new Jane Eyre. I'm very much in the mood for this movie.

** Don't ever, ever, let your scrapbook piles get behind for four plus years!

** I guess I'm more addicted to Twitter than I thought!

** I don't like April Fools Day, so don't mess with me...

** That girl last night on Mobbed? Let's hope she didn't have dreams of planning a wedding.

** Have you ever watched Legend of the Seeker? I think I might try that one for me next Hulu viewing pleasure.

** I'm half way through Lord of Chaos... whew, this one is hard this go around.

** I wish it was last Friday, and I could meet Markus Zusak all over again. :)

** We tried Texas Roadhouse for the first time last night. Wow, that was a noisy, rockin', hoppin' place! And yummy food! Very fun.

** I had a fun talk with Yamile on my porch yesterday when she came to get her book. You should hear her beautiful accent and how she pronounces Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Isabel Allende. So cool!

** I was sad to miss seeing/meeting/listening to/partying with Carrie Ryan the other night. I'm also sad that I didn't know about Dan Wells being in the vicinity until it was too late.

** James on American Idol is really growing on me.

** We have a talent show tonight, which for me means hauling the drum set up the stairs and figuring out how to pack it in the car, driving it over to the school, hauling it in, then doing it all over in reverse. Keep this in mind if you ever let your kids play the drums.

** Thinking about a staycation for spring break. Can I make that work and be fun?

** I wish you could pick to worry about either food or exercise, but not both.

Wow, I guess I'm full of thoughts today! I better stop and go get ready for work. See you around!


  1. Jane Eyre opens here tonight and I'm going with my book club. Can't wait! Have a great day--no foolin'! :)

  2. Yeah, too bad it's not last Friday again. :-(

    I was at Borders the other day and one of the guys that works there recommended the Goodkind books that Legend of the Seeker are based on. He said they were awesome and that the show was terrible. So be warned. I didn't ask for the guys opinion either so he must feel very strongly about it.

  3. i have heard such great things about this new Jane Eyre, I hope to see it soon too.

    as for Legend of the Seeker, my husband thought it was pretty good. I watched some of the episodes.. they were pretty weird, but its not so low budget awkward to be painful to watch.

    hope the talent show goes well for everyone concerned, including the transportation crew.


  4. Regarding Legend of the Seeker - the books are really good. Very detailed, so very long. The show is good, but low budget sci-fi. Just to give you an idea of the camp: my friend Cheryl and I nicknamed the main character "Shirtless Richard" because the producers realized that his washboard abs were pulling in the female watchers and had him take his shirt off on numerous occasions. He's hot though, so not complaining. :)

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  6. I'm in the mood for Jane Eyre too! I'm waiting for the movie to come out on DVD before I see it... but oh, is it hard to wait.

  7. A staycation can be great! One year my husband, who is in sales, was at a relatively new job and there was no way he could take off a whole week. We spent one weekend and a nice hotel downtown and did all of the fun things down there that we don't always get to--it really felt like we were away. Then each day we made a point to spend a couple of hours exploring something different in our city. It was fun!

  8. Tricia: So how was the movie? I found out that it's not even playing here yet!

    TG: Let's keep our fingers crossed for next year! Interesting about the books vs. the series for Legend of the Seeker. Hmmm....

    L: Ah the talent show. Sound problems YET AGAIN! I can't stand it anymore!!

    Erin: Yes, I already noticed that shirtless thing! Right off the bat in the very first minutes! Yowza!

    Kate: I should wait for the DVD, but doubt it will happen.

    Lisa: I need to start pondering what we could do that we haven't already done. It may also end up that we do run away for part of the week, but we'll see I guess.

  9. I agree with Erin on the shirtless Richard issue. It drew me in right away! I have seen some of the first season of the show, then decided I'd like to read the books first, and had such mixed feelings about the first book that I haven't continued with either. I've been wanting to get back to the show though.



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