Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Rewind to Literary Crushes

Today over at The Broke and the Bookish, we get to choose a list to do from all the past lists! Yeah, like that wasn't hard! Just look at this list of lists! I narrowed it down to 7, then to 3, and then to this one of course... because as much as I talk about my literary crushes, I don't think I've officially listed them. Have I? Well, if I have, I'm doing it again because it's just so much fun!

Top Ten Literary Crushes

1. Eugenides from the Queen's Thief series because he truly is an exceptional unique kind of guy.
 (Ah man, I really wish he'd had his picture taken!)

2. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice because what's a crush list without him?
Not a real crush list I'm thinking. 

3. Mr. Thornton from North and South because he's so full of passion.
 If you've only seen the movie, you really should read the book so you can get into his head.
 It's crazy in there.

4. Perrin from the Wheel of Time series because he's a gentle giant which is awfully hard to resist.
 (He hasn't had his picture taken either!)

5. Legolas and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings... they tie for my complete attention,
and how different they are!

6. Laurie from Little Women because he's so much fun and how could Jo, you know, do what she did?! Seriously crazy she is.

7. Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables because he's just cute and sweet, except when he's not of course. 

8. Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities because he is one of those fine line dudes, not sure where he stands, not sure if he's good or bad, but really, how much better can he get? I need to re-read this one to see if my original teenage crush on him has held up over time.

9. Robin Hood from various stories because he's just so so so good with a bow and arrow! :)
 And just plain good too.

10. Tristan from various stories because of the whole tragic intriguing tale surrounding him.
 And who knew it was James Franco, now famous, who played him in this awesome movie?

Oh man, do I have to stop at ten?

Who would make it on your crush list?

Here's hoping we can do a rewind again soon so I can do one of my runner up lists!


  1. Love your list! I would have picked almost the exact same characters. My favorites are Mr. Darcy and Laurie from Little Women.

  2. Totally agree on numbers 2,5-8. All of them make my list.

  3. that's some nice book lovin'--you picked some wonderful characters. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  4. Good choices! A friend of mine read a biography on the author of Little Woman and found out that she wrote it in parts and ended it before any of that stuff happened with Laurie. Then when they asked her to write more she agreed on the stipulation that Jo would NOT end up with Laurie. That always made me so mad and I always wondered why she was so adamantly against Laurie, he's perfect!

  5. Ha, yes, Robin Hood would have made my cut too.

  6. What an awesome list! I absolutely love Gen. And I can't argue with any of the others, either. :)

  7. Love you list! Even though I haven't read very many of the books, I've seen the movies and by the movies I agree with your choices. :)

  8. Ah yes, I'm reminiscing about when I first saw LOTR and fell head over heels for Aragorn. After all, who didn't? Robin Hood was an excellent choice too... I'm particularly thinking of Russell Crowe's Robin Hood.

    I have to say though, ridiculous though I might sound, neither Darcy or Gilbert would have made it onto my list. If I had to pick Jane Austen hero, it would have been Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility and as for someone from Anne of Greene Gables I would have to go with Jack Garrison, of the third movie.

  9. Mr Darcy is definitely a favourite of mine. I can't believe I didn't include him in my post.
    And Robin Hood! Although I'm slightly strange and am in love with RH from the Disney version. *runs and hides*

    Books of Amber

  10. Awesome crushes! I must admit I fell so hard for Legolas (especially Orlando Bloom hehe) when I read LOTR.

    I'm also nodding my head at Robin Hood, Tristan and Mr. Darcy. Such gentleman still are hot and amazing. *sigh* And such unrealistic ideals for the perfect boyfriend/husband. :P

    Here is my Top Ten list for this week

    ~New Follower ^_^

  11. Anne: I couldn't begin to pick a favorite from this bunch!

    Rachel: You like Sydney Carton? Awesome!

    Kaye: Thank you, yep!

    Jenny: Interesting tidbit on Laurie. Yes, he is pretty perfect!

    Trish: Yes, Robin Hood in all his different takes, I love them all.

    Jenny: Gen is so different, which is what I really like about him.

    Jenni: (Gosh, lots of Jenny comments today!) Oh boy, you better get readin' some of these! But I agree the movies helped!

    Avid: Swoon indeed.

    Kate: Have you seen "my" Jonas Armstrong Robin Hood (BBC series). I like him way better than Russell Crowe even. And granted, Col. Brandon is awfully cool too.

    Amber: Disney? He's the fox, right? :) Like I said above, you should check out Jonas Armstrong. I can't gush enough!

    Immortalelf: Okay, yes, me too regarding Orlando Bloom. I had never heard of him (I guess no one had yet really) and when he appeared on screen for that first close up shot, wow, talk about swooning!

  12. I had such a crush on Laurie in that movie version. Swoon.

    Here is my list

  13. LBC: And what do you know... now he's Batman! Go figure! :)

  14. That is a fabulous list. I agree with them all. *Sigh* I most recently fell for Major Pettigrew even though he's old. Charming.

  15. P.S. Johnny Depp makes a very cute Icabod Crane.

  16. Utah Mom: I almost put him on the list (Major Pettigrew)! Definitely a runner up! And Johnny Depp? He makes a pretty cute anybody! :)

  17. Okay, I'm seriously having heart palpitations now thanks to your post! LOL Just teasing. You picked the perfect 10 I think! But honestly, it was that picture of Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables that did me in. Ahhhhh...many a nights were spent with my two sisters swooning over that face. :o) Love it!

  18. Great lists and the pics are wonderful! I'm all for the brooding hero.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  19. I don't really have any literary crushes. I do love the characters of Gilbert, Laurie, and Mr. Darcy though. All three are awesome books!

  20. Are you kidding? Tale of Two Cities is one of my all time favorite books because of Syndey Carton. Is there a better hero?

  21. That is ONE swoon-worthy list. I'd only add Mr. Knightly (because he's perfect) on it. Otherwise, you're list is perfect!



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