Friday, April 22, 2011

Music Stuck in My Head: Pet Shop Boys

Yes, I have another 80s revival band quest going on!

So I have this station that I created on Pandora.... Eruasure. Yes, I like them okay. But awhile back whenever this station would play Depeche Mode, I'd go, wow, now they are good! Suddenly, I'm doing the same thing with The Pet Shop Boys. They also get played a lot on this station and I always stop and go, wow, they have some wicked beautiful sounding voices!

So my newest quest is to learn more about their songs, and see if I like more stuff than just the familiar West End Girls and Always on My Mind, etc. I need to get my hands on some albums. (I tried today at the library, but ran out of time.) So, instead let me YouTube for a moment:

This one is a familiar one, but one of my favorites:

Really love this one:

Here's one that I just listened to for the first time right now, and like:

Are you a Pet Shop Boys expert? Which songs/album should I check out first? Where do I start if I want to listen to more than the popular songs? 

Do you have fun re-discovering bands from the past? I would love to know which ones!


  1. I haven't heard of these guys or any of there songs! How sad is that? I'll have to check them out now because we definitely have closer tastes in music than books I think.

  2. They did a cover of Where the Streets Have No Name that was pretty good (different than U2 but good).

    It sounds terrible to say but It's a Sin was a good song, too. Except for the message and all. Melody/harmony lines. Just not words.

    Have ALWAYS loved a-ha. They released loads of good songs after Take on Me that not enough people on this side of the pond (well ... and north of the equator as SAmerica always loved them) ever paid attention to.

    And New Order. And OMD.

  3. Their greatest hits album is the best! I play it all the time. I'd start there.

  4. Jenny: Weird.. yes, do let me know what you think!

    Mrs. O: I agree, It's a Sin is great. And a-ha has always been on of my favorites. OMD too!

    Michelle: I need to find that one!

  5. I LOVE Erasure, DM and Pet Shop Boys! One of my favorite songs by Pet Shop Boys is one that's not very well known, but I love it - it's called Go West. Reminds me of the pioneers, actually. Anyway, love that I'm not the only one who enjoys old-school alternative. My fave!

  6. I love Pet Shop Boys! I went to a concert many, many moons ago. I can't even remember the albums that I had, but two of my favorite songs are Always on my Mind, and Suburbia.

  7. My husband is a HUGE Pet Shop Boys fan. I hadn't heard of them until he'd mentioned them though, so I don't have many recommendations for you actually. I do love their version of Where the Streets Have No Name though. And N sings a lovely version of Se a Vida E, or however the song title is spelt!



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