Friday, April 29, 2011

Music Stuck in My Head: Les Miserables

This past week we saw Les Mis, performed at the high school by kids we know. They did an awesome job! It was amazing really. That night, the music was so stuck in my head I couldn't sleep! There's something about these songs that really truly STICK! Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes it can make a person crazy!

It's hard for me to pick favorite songs from this production. Every time one starts I think... Oh, now THAT one is my favorite! Here's a few I really love:

As you know, I have a soft spot for Javert, the tortured "villain" and this song says it all:

When Jean Valjean and Javert confront each other, it's so intense:

A beautiful sad song, and I love watching Michael Ball sing it:

But I really really like watching Michael Maguire as Enjoloras most especially:

and of course there's the big production numbers:

GAH!! And every other song in this show! Empty Chairs, Bring Him Home, On My Own, I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House even!

Mark this down as my most favorite musical of all time. And our recent Les Mis blitz isn't over yet. We get to see the touring professional show in June! Looking very much forward to that too.

What are your Les Mis feelings? Seen it? Like it? Hate it? Have no idea what I'm talking about? 


  1. My sister and I have a theory. There are Les Mis people and there are Phantom people. Not that they can't like both but one usually takes precedence. We're both Phantom people but I love Les Mis too. In fact, I haven't listened to the music in so long I need to just sit and listen to it all again.

  2. This is my top book AND musical!! How lucky you were to see it this week. It is my Pandora station to start my day out at work. It makes me smile, snicker, ponder, cry, grieve, and rejoice!!

    It's stuck in my mind too!

  3. I've seen it four times and I think I have the soundtrack memorized!

  4. I ADORE Les Mis. My dad came over to London for a three month visit one year and near the end of his trip I decided that he really must see something at the West End with me, so I bought us tickets to Les Mis.

    Great seats, I had a lovely time, the songs and the set were incredible. Though I did notice that my dad was a bit quiet throughout the ride home. Eventually I get it out of him that he was a little uncomfortable with the noises during the play as the cannons and fighting and the war of it brought back horrible flashbacks to his time in Vietnam. OOPS. Probably not the best thing to take my dad to :(



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