Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Skellig by David Almond

Book: Skelling by David Almond
Genre: YA or MG, SF/Fantasy sort of ish
Rating: A
For: a readathon book and also the Printz Project
From: I think this was a book fair purchase at some point

Another perfect book to read during last week's readathon. Quick and easy and engaging. It's about a young boy who's moved into this new house and his life is in upheaval. The biggest thing is that his baby sister was born early and is having all sorts of problem, which is throwing his parents for a loop and causing all sorts of chaos. Meanwhile, while poking around in the old garage/shed area, the one they plan to demolish soon, he finds a guy living there.

But he's a very strange guy, and the kid (his name is Michael) and his new friend Mina, have decided to figure him out and hopefully help him. But in the end, as these things sometimes go, it's quite possible that it's him that helps them instead.

What a quaint, cute, interesting and yes, weird, little book! I don't even really know how to describe it! It's kinda of a sad story, yet very uplifting and hopeful too. I loved the prose and poetry feel of the style. It was wonderful. I don't know really, what else to say about this one except,

Bottom line: I loved it! And I hope to read more by this author. (And look at that, the prequel to Skellig is out. Hmm.)

Maybe someone else can explain things better (without giving it all away I hope!)

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  1. Uh, OK. Maybe there's a reason it's hard to explain. Now I want to read it just to see.

  2. Sounds intriguing!

  3. Ahhhh. I love David Almond. I really need to read more of his books, but this is one of my favourites.



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