Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Geeks 2011.1: Self Portrait

Weekly Geeks this week is to take a picture of yourself (or get your kids to like I did!) reading your current book in your favorite spot. So here I am. Notice the glasses on top of the head.... that's because I suddenly can't read with my glasses on. Yep. It's come to that.

Now your turn for a reading picture!


  1. I love the Wheel of Time series!

    I'm going to have to work on this picture thing.

  2. It's tough to accept that one needs special glasses to read. I've had bifocals for a few years and reading is a lot easier.

  3. Cool post...very fun. I like these light hearted type of posts. I think I will post one similar to yours...maybe next week. You are killing me though...tell me...just a little...what are you thinking of the book? Liking it or not?

  4. I didn't take mine in my favorite reading spot, oh well! I love that someone is showing their face! :) (I didn't...) Happy Weekly Geeks!

  5. You seem totally engrossed!

    Sorry I am late! Here is my Weekly Geeks: Self Portrait



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