Thursday, January 20, 2011

BTT: Periodically

It's been awhile, so I thought I'd do a Booking Through Thursday question today, in which we are asked:

What magazines or journals do you read?

What magazines do YOU read?


  1. here's mine

  2. not many, as mine seem to get canceled, I miss Domino...
    we used to take Dwell and ID, but now we're taking Metropolis (the husband is an Architect). and I got a subscription to Tin House for christmas and am eagerly awaiting that.
    I do like Entertainment though, and have found a coffee shop that takes it..


  3. We share a couple, Entertainment Weekly and Bookmarks. EW and People are my guilty pleasures as I catch up on all the celeb news.

  4. What magazines do I read, or what magazines do I subscribe to? Sadly, it seems a lot of my magazines get pushed to last on the list (behind library books and my own books). I subscribe to -and read- People. I also get Entertainment Weekly, All You, Oprah, Smithsonian, and Good Housekeeping. I have cut out a few others which has helped the piles that keep accummulating.

  5. I read (well, subscribe) to WAY too many as well. I love BOOKMARKS, though - I always get excited when I see it in the mailbox!

  6. EW is a staple in our house and probably the only magazine I'm always caught up on! I tend to let magazines pile up, choosing books over them. I do subscribe to Bookmarks, The Strand, and Mystery Scene. I just subscribed to Parenting magazine--figure I should give it a try and maybe learn something in the process now that I'm going to be a parent. I usually end up finding magazines like that to be a waste of money, but we'll see.



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