Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Delurker Day: Better Late Than Never!

Last year, on January 14, I stumbled upon a bloggish sort of celebration called Delurker Day. I posted a random post begging people to delurk and wow, it turned out to be one of my most fun blogging moments! So I looked forward to that day to come around again.

But wouldn't you know it, somehow I missed it! Either no one was begging us to delurk, or I've been neglecting my blog reading duties and didn't see it if you did!

So then I thought, okay fine. I can still do a delurk post right? Right? Even if I'm a few days late? I'm guessing the blog police will not track me down if I do.....

So now is your chance you wonderful LURKERS! I'm not being subtle here... I'm asking, begging, pleading for you to delurk just for today and say hi and let me know you are out there! We bloggers tend to think that our commentors are the only ones reading, which for me is about ten of you... maybe 15. So I'd love to know if there's anyone else out there, who you and what you think!

And keeping with the tradition I started last year, here's a few questions to help you with your comment:

1. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what? If not, what would you like to play?

2. What are three adjectives that describe you?

3. What book are you reading right now?

4. Tomatoes: thumbs up or down?

5. Are you going to check out the new American Idol that starts tonight?

Okay, that's enough of that! Now it's time to let me know you are here! And if you comment all the time already, by all means, you are welcome to answer the delurker questions too!

Happy Late Delurker Day!


  1. I think I did leave a comment once, but I am usually a lurker. But since I enjoy your blog so much, I will come out of hiding today and answer your questions. :-)
    1. Yes - piano (and cello in high school, but it's been too many years to claim I can still play)
    2. Quiet, Shy, Studious
    3. Starcrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce
    4. Thumbs up - yummy! (except for tomato soup...)
    5. No -- we canceled our satellite as we never had time to watch TV anyway, so why pay for it?
    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. OK, I'll delurk!
    1. I play alto saxophone and piano.
    2. bookish, friendly, quiet
    3. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and River House
    4. If I have to eat tomatoes plain or on a salad...BIG thumbs down.
    5. I know I will try read my book but hear the rest of the family watching American Idol in the other room!

  3. I'm a follower who rarely says anything but always reads any post that mentions a book I'm interested in. I did read your 10 reads for 2011 post. I can't wait to find the new Mark Zusak. I don't play any instrument or watch television, I just read as I am disabled by poor health and stuck at home. I am forty pages into The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards. I loved The Memory Keeper's Daughter and I can't wait to see what happens in this book-I never read reviews or the flaps or blurbs on a book before I read the story. I do read them afterward.
    I'll make an effort not to just lurk in future.:)

  4. I really enjoy your blog and always read it. I am a school librarian and use your blog as a point of reference when looking for new books. I rarely post on any of the blogs I read; I read them through googlereader and the posting option doesn't show up so I never think about it.

    1. I do not play an instrument
    2. Enthusiastic, curious, organized
    3. Currently reading: The Twin's Daughter, Withered and I, Emma Freke
    4. Love, love , love tomatoes
    5. Not an AI watcher

  5. 1. Piano. Used to play french horn, too.
    2. chatty (among friends), busy and goofy.
    3. Just started Same Kind of Different as Me
    4. Up
    5. No. Not an Idol fan.

    Love your blog, though!

  6. I try to delurk periodically on many blogs. Some I comment more frequently, but I make an attempt to comment on all the blogs I read at least once in a while. I read and enjoy reading yours all the time.

    1. Piano, organ, accordian (when I was a kid)
    2. Bookish, kind, friendly
    3. Reading Anna Quindlen's EVERY LAST ONE slowly
    4. Tomatoes, good....
    5. No any more - got tired of it.

  7. Hi Suey! Happy Belated Delurker Day! :)

    1. nope - totally hopeless!
    2. bookish, silly, disorganized
    3. The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card
    4. thumbs down (too squishy!)
    5. I watched! Love Steven Tyler!

  8. Hey Suey,
    I don't play an instrument anymore, piano long ago.
    Witty, funny, loyal
    Actually reading 4 books Blackout, Caliph's House, Crazy Loco Love and Homicide in Hardcover
    Thumbs up
    I don't watch much "reality" tv

  9. Hello!! What a fun idea!

    1. French horn, oboe
    2. funny, friendly, sarcastic
    3. Titans Curse, Royals, & Homeless Bird
    4. thumbs up
    5. I am not sure if I will watch AI this year

    I'd love for you to follow my blog! I love reading yours!

  10. I wouldn't call myself a lurker, more of a obsessive stalker. It's sad how many times I look at your blog on any given day. That's what being jobless will do to you I guess. I don't play and instrument and I LOVE tomatoes even though I'm allergic. The only part of American Idol I saw was the Michael Jackson impersonator and I had to turn the channel. I just get so embarrassed for the bad ones.

  11. Since I've slipped back into lurker mode (BADLY!) of late, I'll play too:

    1. sort of. Piano and flute... and I sing.
    2. Um... tired, tired, and tired? :)
    3. About to start Blue by Lou Aronica
    4. *Shudder*
    5. Nope. I stopped caring years ago.

  12. Gayle: Thanks for the delurk! :) I love the cello.. awesome instrument.

    Pamela: I like your three adjectives... you sound just like me!

    Sandra: I'm not one to read the jacket flaps of books much either. They almost ALWAYS have a spoiler. I don't get it! I'd love it if you do start commenting more... but lurking is just fine too, so don't stress! :)

    Amanda: Withered? I have that one here to read too, and oh I really hope I get to it sooner than later.

    Melissa: LOVE the french horn too!

    Kay: The accordian? How cool is that!

    Alexia: Oh man, I want to read that new OSC book too! And yes, I agree about Steven Tyler. He was great! I think it's going to be fun after all.

    Page: I sorta play the piano too, sorta. And yay on the tomato thumbs up!

    Kristen: I followed!

    TG: Sorry to hear that you caught just the Michael Jackson guy last night. Too bad it wasn't the silly girl, who actually sang great, and was so funny that we thought we'd bust a gut laughing so hard! Well, I hope you surviving this weekend with the blog stalking... it's going to be all Bloggiesta, meaning much reporting on blog housekeeping. It could be extremely boring.

    Britt: Singing is good. I wish I could do it. Sorry to hear you are so tired. Have you slept lately? :)

  13. Hey there! Better late than never right?

    1. Piano, although I haven't played lately.
    2. A friendly bookish goofball.
    3. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin in anticipation of the HBO series in April.
    4. LOVE those squishy red things. Yum!
    5. I don't watch Idol until they get down to the last three contestants.

  14. Perhaps I read about de-lurker day sometime recently, because I've been on a mission to comment at least once a week on each blog I read (hello, week 1!)
    1. Only if you count video game instruments. For someone with no rhythm, I am surprisingly adept at guitar and drums.. I would love to sing, but I can't.

    2. happy, reader, traveler

    3. The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer

    4. thumbs up, especially when paired with cheese

    5. no way! (I stick to Bravo for my reality tv:-)

  15. 1. Of course! My grandfather is a retired music teacher!! I can play a bit of many things, some self-taught, including piano, trumpet, and saxophone. My main instrument was clarinet though.

    2. bookworm, mother, advocate

    3. The Count of Monte Cristo

    4. Definitely thumbs up!

    5. Nope. I may watch a few hear and there once it gets further in though.



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