Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You're Up Then You're Down

Okay, so I admit... I'm still peeking at that silly subscription number over there in Google Reader! You know, that one that supposedly tells me how many people subscribe and maybe read my blog? I should just ignore that thing, I know, because it makes me just a little bit crazy.

Lately, (and by lately I mean for the past year) it's been "stuck." It used to go gradually up, but now, it's on a major plateau of some kind! And then I get excited when it bumps up a number or two. And then the next day, it will go back down. Even big blog events like BBAW and/or Bloggiesta don't make it change at all anymore.

Which brings me to my point of this post... and makes me wonder, why would someone unsubscribe? I mean, what could possibly be unpleasing about me? :)  I had fun thinking about this, and came up with the following list:

Reasons to Unsubscribe to This Blog

1. I talk too much about music.
2. Specifically, I talk too much about Josh G.
3. Which possibly means, I talk too little about books, which, after all, this blog is all about.
4. Perhaps my reviews are too boring.
5. Especially since I like everything I read (almost) and give all books A's, A-'s, or maybe B+'s.
6. And I also read too much YA (though I know many of you have this same "problem"!)
7. I ramble too much.
8. I post too much, maybe even twice a day sometimes!
9. I am informal and inarticulate.
10. I'm behind on the new books.

Ha! That cracks me up! It's very fun to analyze oneself (or blog) trying to see it from someone else's eyes and what they might be seeing happening here!

Well, anyway, I doubt much of the above stuff will change. Thanks to those of you that do subscribe despite the above list. I hope you stick around, and we'll have some fun!

(And thank you Katy Perry for letting me borrow your song lyrics!)


  1. I shouldn't look at that number either, but I have been stuck on 1 reader for months! I like that you mention Josh G. music. LOVE his music!

  2. I like your blog... I actually don't have a clue how many people subscribe to my blog. I try to ignore it. I know my readership is not what it once was because I hardly blogged last year. Oh, well. I try not to get caught up in it. :)

  3. I don't look at my sbuscriber number daily, but I do check it in Feedburner a few times a week - and it's both inconsistent and unreliable. Sometimes one entire source of subscribers won't be reported, so it looks like a huge drop when it really isn't. Don't stress yourself over it too much!

  4. Well, as you know, I love your blog! Don't stress about numbers. And of course you know that I'd love to see you really tear a book to pieces, but I'll keep obsessively reading your blog despite that. ;-)

  5. I love your blog and reviews. I dont even mind Josh G.
    The only time I unsubscribed to a blog is when the consistency read books I would NEVER read.

  6. Just remember, you can't be all things for all people. Try to ignore the numbers. Easier said than done, I know. But you have to blog about things that are of interest to you, and people will either read it or they won't.

  7. Yeah, I'm not stressing too much about the nubmers. I know they don't really mean anything. But it is interesting to comptemplate what makes people subscribe... or unsubscribe in this case. I just always wonder what's going through their head. And as you can see, it's not hard to come up with the reasons!

    Glad you all enjoy things around here!

  8. I stress about my numbers too when they don't move for awhile or when somebody drops me. Why? Was it something I said? I know I shouldn't take it so personally but I do :)

  9. I find it hard not to obsess over the numbers as well. Whenever my numbers start to plateau, I try to do more. Guest posts on other blogs, asking publishers for author interviews or just following similar sounding blog/twitter accounts. Luckily things are still steadily going up (always with minor dips here and there that break my heart) but I do find that sometimes I just grow out of another person's blog, you know?

    I think your blog is great though! I think you're doing an excellent job, and I don't think any of your 'complaints' list are worth anyone (I mean me, of course) unsubscribing to your blog.

  10. Wait! There's a way to know how many people subscribe to your blog (besides using Feedburner)? How do you do that? Wait, maybe you shouldn't tell me ...

  11. I am guilty of checking my numbers all the time. And it's not like they change!

  12. Susan: When your blog is showing in Google Reader (which means you have to subscribe to your own blog)... over on the right near the top is "show details" and it will say how many are subscribed to your blog. You can see everyone else's number too! :)

  13. I admit to being fascinated with my numbers. And to having plateaued on a number of occasions. But you know I'll always be here reading :)

  14. I try not to look but I did this week and was up (yay!) and then went down again (boo!). I wonder what I said to offend people.

  15. Hey...I just looked at your GFC and you are at 199...come on...that does indeed need to change...I am cheering for 200!!! :)

    Seriously, I would not change anything about your it. Besides, I figure, you should write the type of posts that interest you, and then think about those who read them...sort of. For me, I look at my blog in that regard...content for me and somewhat for others...and then i try to make my writing appealing for others. Kind of understand what I mean? Obviously, I do indeed keep my readers in mind with my content otherwise my Song of the Week posts really could be all Josh Groban these last few weeks and the weeks to come. however, i decided that other people may bore of it thus I have posted about other artists, but no fear...Josh will be highlighted again on those posts. LOL. :)

    Besides Suey... while having a large GFC number is great, I would rather have a great community of conversation with those who follow me...know what I mean? You seem to have a nice group of people who not only follow you, but also chat right along with you...sweet. (that last statement is not counting me, so you know).

    yeah though, I do wonder what makes people unsubscribe. I think it has to do with compatibility of interests.



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