Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sunday Salon: What I'm Doing Today

It's Sunday! And another week bites the dust! Here's what's going on in my life today and this week:

Outside my window: It's drippy... rainy... dreary. BUT, all the ice we've been dealing with for two plus weeks is finally melting! This makes me quite happy!

I am listening to: nothing! That needs to change! I hear a movie from downstairs, and a TV from the other room, but nothing where I'm at. Hmmmm..... I choose William Joseph!

I am thinking: that this post is going up too late in the day for anyone to even see it now. Does anyone else find that posting late means less readers that day?

I am grateful for: a warm cozy house on these gray dreary days.

I am reading: This week I finished The Fires of Heaven finally, as you may know if you've been around. Today I finished The Lost Saint, sequel to The Dark Divine. Next I think I'll start Sapphique.

am photographing: the gigs of yesterday!

I am listing: things to do during Bloggiesta next week. That post to come later. I've been saving up all sorts of tasks. Now, here's hoping I really truly find time to do it.

I am creating: a movie of the gigs my son played in yesterday, but am having file conversion troubles. I hate having to convert files. So frustrating!

On my iPod: the playlist currently up is Josh Groban Favorites. Now, you may think, so what's new about that? Well, since last week when I reported uploading the Tron sound track, that's mostly been what's on the iPod this past week, that and a couple other newly "purchased" songs (credit from Amazon really.) But then I was in a mood and needed Josh songs the other day, so he's been back on the last few days. Seriously, it's been awhile and it's been nice having him back. :)

To live my faith: I am making family top priority!

I am hoping and praying: that the plans we are making for the summer are fun... and not stressful.

Around the house: things looked quite well lived in. There's a piano keyboard lying all across the family room floor and a couple of amps. I'm thinking "someone" needs to put that stuff away!

From the kitchen: we made omelettes and blueberry muffins today for brunch. It was wonderful. My son hopes to create some sort of shrimp concoction for dinner later today. I'm not a fan of shrimp, but I'll let him have at it.

One of my favorite things: is wrapping myself in tons of quilts and blankets, knowing everyone is home safe from all their activities, and settling in my warm cocoon to read until late.

The children this week: I'm happy to report we survived last week. The driver's road test is over and passed, two gigs are over with one to go this coming Saturday. Student council began for the sixth grader, book fair plans began, and just lots of school stuff going on.

Plans for the week: I will be working more on book fair, and doing Bloggiesta this coming weekend! (In between other family events of course.)

On this date: Hey look at that! I reviewed The Book Thief! That was 2008. Oh, and hey, in 2009 I reviewed Wuthering Heights! Cool! So what was I doing last year? It's a Sunday Salon Rambling post! So fun to look back!

Happy New Week to you all!


  1. Well, I'll leave you a comment. ;-) I've just started reading Incarceron and I see that you're already going to read Sapphique so I know it must be good. Mmmm blueberry muffins.

  2. I agree that sometimes when I post late I feel like no one will stop by...yet, that evening time is really my best time to look at blogs. I also like looking back at previous blogs from years' past. Have a great week.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading Sapphique sometime in the near future as well. Hope you enjoy it! And I've got Wuthering Heights on hold at the library and am impatiently waiting for it to come in. Sounds like you are going to be very busy this week..hope you find time to read a good book as well :)

  4. I enjoyed reading your post and yes--I do notice that comments are down when I post late--but late is when I have time to post often times. I also have blog reading time at night so I try to leave comments then.
    Glad your ice is gone--so is ours. Not a fan. Our last child is chomping on the bit to drive, and after going through that with 3 older sibs, I am not looking forward to it again!



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