Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010.18: A Character Comparison

Weekly Geeks this week asks us to compare ourselves to our favorite characters in the following three ways:

A character I am most like:

Meg from Little Women: Because she is the oldest in her family and seems pretty level headed and slow to get all riled up. She is not the center of attention, and tends to observe things from the sidelines. At the same time, her passion proves to be quite strong when she falls heavily in love.


Elinor from Sense and Sensibility: for some of the same reasons listed above. She is the oldest and feels responsible for her sisters and family. She keeps things to herself and only "blows" when the pressure gets too strong. Even though she tends to be quiet about things, in reality, she is very much a part of life and has extremely strong feelings.

A character I am least like:

I am pretty much not at all like any of the teenage heroines in all the supernatural/paranormal romances that are so popular these days. I am not (or was not if I think of myself back in the teenage years) the kind that would be the new girl in school and be suddenly getting attention from all the guys. Or, if there's a new guy in school, I would not be seeking out his company, especially if he exudes the dark mysterious vibes. I would be much too shy and too scared to ever be the type to star in one of these books.

A character I want to be like:

Anne from Anne of Green Gables: I want to have her creative ability, and her way with people. I want her outgoing, friendly nature and her zest for exploration and discovery. She has a wonderful personality that I've always admired and wish I could be more like.

Join us over at Weekly Geeks and post your character comparison!


  1. What's so funny to me is that when I did move to a new school in 8th grade, I was suddenly super cool! (Look, a new girl who is moderately attractive!) I was such a shy/quiet type that it scared the crap out of me. But, I never got the uber-hot or mysterious bad boy (though I did have a creepy goth guy ask me out).

  2. I would definitely like to be Anne! And not only because she gets Gilbert!

  3. I always wished I were like Jo in Little Women but the reality is I was probably more of a blend between Beth and Meg.



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