Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sunday Salon: What I'm Doing

What I'm Doing (or Plan on Doing) Today:
  • stuffing and addressing graduation announcements for the senior
  • brainstorming and creating a 3D model of a theme park with the 9th grader
  • compiling and writing papers for the student council application packet for the 5th grader
  • making dinner
  • going to church
  • watching the Survivor finale
  • reading (or thinking about reading) The Passage.... half way done!
  • writing this blog post
Sara Zarr and Ann Dee Ellis talking about their blogs at the festival yesterday.

What I Did Yesterday:
  • read (or thought about reading) The Passage
  • went to the children's festival at the library
  • bought four new books there
  • one of them, I Am Not a Serial Killer, I got signed by author Dan Wells
  • but Sara Zarr went home so I couldn't get Once Was Lost signed
  • listened to three bookish panels which included authors like Brandon Sanderson, J. Scott Savage, Sara Zarr, Ann Dee Ellis, Emily Wing Smith, Mette Ivie Harrison, .... and some new-to-me authors I want to check out Kris Chandler, Wendy Toliver and Clint Johnson
  • went to a wedding reception of the sister to my son's best friend
  • watched a really cool show about the history of Robin Hood on the History Channel
Other Stuff of Interest This Week:
  • got Meg Cabot's new book, Insatiable, in the mail along with a personal card from her that said, "I like your blog! Love, Meg Cabot."  I find that insanely cool.
  • won a giveaway over at  Alexia's Books and Such.... also insanely cool.
  • planted half a garden (tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers)
  • finished Need by Carrie Jones
  • tried to find and rent The Young Victoria, but it was not available
  • checked out two more Neal Shusterman books from the library
  • took the 5th grader to the orthodontist and got braces on her top teeth
  • took the 5th grader, who made 20 knitted beanie baby hats, to the hospital where she donated the hats to the newborn nursery for her service project for the application for student council next year.
  • went to the senior's last choir concert of the year, which was also the last performance that high school will see before they tear it down in two weeks! 

So... what have you been doing?


  1. That's cool that you went to some of the panels. I just went to get my books signed by Brandon Sanderson. If I hadn't had my husband with me, I would've stayed longer and gone to the panels. Instead, went and saw Robin Hood. It sounds like we did similar things yesterday. ;)

  2. Jenni Elyse: Ah Robin Hood. I really need to see it!

    Emily: I saw you! :) I was sad we bloggers didn't get more of a chance to chit chat... but it was kinda crazy there wasn't it.

  3. I wish I'd chatted more with all of you! I was feeling really sad my copy of Once Was Lost hadn't come yet (stupid online purchasing), but since you said she left, I feel better now :)

  4. Holy moley you've been busy! I was tired just reading all the stuff you've been doing :)

  5. Gee! I thought I was busy!

    I know life will settle down...well, soon...hopefully.

  6. I missed out on the fun again! I didn't know about it until a few days in advance and I already had a Stampin' Up event scheduled! One of these days.... sigh.

    I saw part of that Robin Hood thing, though. That was cool.



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