Monday, May 24, 2010

Listful Monday: Reading Hazards

Once again, Julie (A Small Accomplishment) has come up with a creative list theme.... what hazards are involved with being a here's my stab at it:

My Reading Hazards

1. Heavy Lid Syndrome: Don't you hate it when you sit down to read and then suddenly, you find your eyes just refuse to stay open?

2. Turning Blue: I find that if I sit still for very long somehow I'm suddenly freezing. What's up with that? Old age you say? No way!

3. Child Neglect: "Hey Mom, can you tuck me in now?" "MOM!! I need help!" "Mom? Where's my book/shoes/keys/phone/food/?"  Mom says, "Will you PLEASE leave me alone... I'm reading!!!"

4. Oh My Aching Neck: Do you ever have a problem getting you head positioned just right and comfortable for reading?

5. Dirty House: because why clean when you can read?

6. Telephone Torture: Do you find that as soon as you finally have a moment to read, you sit down, get all comfortable, then the telephone rings?

7. Too Many Books and Not Enough Time: quite the cliche phrase, but so very very true. And if anyone ever says "there's nothing to read' in my presence.... beware.

8. The Headache: the age old "I've been reading too much" ailment. But why let a little headache stop you? That's what ibuprofen is for!

9. Guilty Guilty Guilty: there's that constant voice inside my head that I'm always ignoring, you know, that one that says, "Seriously! Shouldn't you be doing something else!?"

10. Emotional Overload: I have told you I sometimes get a bit wrapped up and involved in my book reading, right?

Join us and make your own list! Let me know if you do, so I can come see.


  1. What a great list and so very true!

  2. I bounced here from A Small Accomplishment and am glad to have discovered your site. I will come back to get ideas. We share a lot of books we like.

  3. Fab list! I agree with everything (except for the mom thing because I don't have kids yet) but I was totally nodding my head along with that list!

  4. Clever idea --- and clever list!

  5. See! You didn't copy! I had been thinking about #4 and general body aches from sitting too long in one attitude, but then I forgot. And I also neglected to mention the dirty house. Ha! And the guilty thing is really a terrible thing. Sigh. So many hazards!



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