Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Come Vote for the Latest Bookword!

We had several suggestions for this week's new bookword. But first, here's the question:

What should we call a library book that gets returned unread?

And here are the suggestions:

Unlucky and The Forgotten and Readless Returned all suggested by Ham1299
Unfulfilled Novel or Failed Potential both suggested by Jan from Eating YA Books
Delayed Gratification suggested by another Jan
A Library Leftover suggested by Stephanie from Open Mind, Insert Book
A Boomerang Book suggested by Bybee from Naked Without Books

Now the poll! Please take a quick moment and vote for your favorite. Results will be up next week, along with a new word to create!


  1. I vote for Boomerang Book. :)

  2. LOL, all good, but I went with Boomerang Book, too!

  3. Water for Elephants was one of this book for me, and the third time I borrowed it, I nearly kicked myself in the head for missing out the first time.

  4. This phenomenon happens WAY too often for me lately. :(

    Thanks again for book club the other night, and the whole year. I've really enjoyed it.

  5. You know the expression "My eyes were bigger than my stomach", there should be a similar one for checking out too many books.



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