Monday, May 10, 2010

Listful Monday: My Library Layout

... as in my personal at home library... not my public library as I thought this meant at first!

Back when I got my new bookshelves, I had a blast organizing books in what now truly felt like a real library corner. However, I stopped before I really got finished, so it's sort of organized and sort of not. Here's what sections I have in my very own personal library:

Pretty hardback books
Christmas books
YA hardback series
Paperback picture books
Hardback picture books
Non-fiction picture books
Several shelves worth of classics, alphabetized by author
Several shelves worth of contemporary/literary/ general fiction, alphabetized by author
Award winners
Newbery winners
ARCS/Unbound manuscripts
Children's Classics
Children's series
YA and MG all mixed up together (here's where I really need to organize a bit more)
Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys shelf
Orson Scott Card shelf
Dr. Suess shelf
Old books
Church books
College books
Photo Albums
An entire bookcase of TBR books waiting ever so patiently
Misc. weird stuff that I'll probably never read and/or I don't know where it came from!

How are your shelves in your own library organized?

Listful Monday brought to you today by Julie at A Small Accomplishment. Be sure to go check out her list too!


  1. Goodness gracious. I would get lost. Mine is organized by Non-fiction and Fiction then by author and series within fiction. Then I have non-fiction lumped together. Then I have two Arthurian Legend shelves and then I have a shelf for books that need cataloged, a review shelf, and books to giveaway or get rid of.

  2. I have some of those same shelves. But what makes me crazy is when I have some of the same author and genre but some are paperback (small sized) and some are hardback (taller) and I've got to break them up onto different shelves!

  3. Copying Smopying! But you do organized your books much differently. Many smaller categories. I wonder if space or number of books effects that?

  4. My books are in complete disarray since we're moving -- to a house without bookshelves! But I hope to buy/install some ASAP. I did have them loosely divided - I have a LOT of cookbooks, plus separate shelves for my unread books. I also tried to divide books by category, poetry, travel, humor, etc. Organizing the books is the only fun part of unpacking.



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