Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: The Schwa Was Here by Neal Shusterman

Book: The Schwa Was Here by Neal Shusterman
Genre: YA
Rating: A
For: Fun
From: The Library!

This is a fun book about an ordinary boy, his two "original" friends, his new friend who also happens to be a boy that is sorta almost not quite invisible, a plastic mannequin, a crotchety old man and his granddaughter, 14 huge dogs, a missing mom, and a set of fighting parents.

Our main boy, nicknamed Antsy, spends much of the book trying to figure out is going on with is strange new friend, The Schwa. And what secrets The Schwa is holding back about his past. Turns out, Antsy learns more about himself than he does anybody else, as is often the case with these stories.

I don't have a whole lot to say, except I totally enjoyed it. It's a simple, fun coming of age sort of story, told in a unique creative way.  I think I've found a new author to add to my favorites list. I will continue figure out how to add all his books to my "in the near future" TBR pile and hopefully get all caught up soon!

Bottom line: I really liked it a lot.

Neal Shusterman's website

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  1. Great review! I just added this book to my TRB list.

  2. Oh, the schwa. Always good for a laugh.

  3. I've been trying (and failing) to get a copy of anything by Neal Schusterman. I hear such good things about him too!



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