Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.42: Podcasts Anyone?

The task for this week's Weekly Geeks is two share some favorite podcasts.... then if there's time, visit everyone, and came back and share some new favorites you've discovered.

I have two podcasts that I really love. I've listened to these two podcasts since they began, which is kinda cool. The first one is done by three local (to me) guys, who discuss the writing industry as a whole, and fantasy writing specifically. They call it Writing Excuses:
Fifteen Minutes Long Because You're in a Hurry and We're Not That Smart! The guys are Brandon Sanderson (of recent Wheel of Time fame,) Howard Taylor (who writes a web comic,) and Dan Wells (who is just breaking into the teen horror genre.) I find their podcast interesting because there's a lot of talk about the writing process in general, which I think is completely fascinating. They often have guests join them, and it's all very fun. And funny too. I love it.

The other podcast I really like is called Books on the Nightstand, done by two Random House employees Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman. This is a general book discussion podcast with themed episodes. It recent went from a bi-monthly show, to a weekly one. These guys are very personable, and after a short time, you feel like you are their best friends. Many books I've read I first heard about on this podcast including The Hunger Games and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's like they talk about certain books and then a month or so later, the blogging world explodes with a buzz on the same books. Interesting. They also have a wonderful blog to go along with their show, where they keep track of all the stuff they talk about.

I subscribe to both of these podcasts on iTunes, where I let the episodes build up a few at at time. Then I download a bunch into my iPod and then I can then listen to them while driving, or working on a project at home. I usually listen to several in a row until I'm all caught up. Then I'll do it all over again in another month or so.

Drop on by Weekly Geeks this week and write a post about YOUR favorite podcasts!


  1. Taylor listens religiously to the Writing Excuses podcast! I haven't listened to it myself though. I'm sad to say that I don't listen to any podcasts. :(

  2. I enjoy Books on the Nightstand too-you're so right about Ann and Michael's personable natures. I haven't heard of Writing Excuses before, but I love their subtitle-definitely a good way to draw people in!



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