Monday, November 30, 2009

Review: Farworld: Land Keep by J. Scott Savage

Book: Farworld: Land Keep by J. Scott Savage

Genre: YA (Middle Grade actually) Fantasy

Rating: A

For: Fun... and to Support My Local Authors (hey, would anyone be interested in a challenge with such a premise as this?)

This story continues the adventures of friends and buddies, Kyja and Marcus, that began with Far World: Water Keep. They are on a quest to save Farworld from the Dark Circle. They've learned that to do this, they must gather the support from all the Elementals: water, land, air and fire. So this book takes them through some amazing adventures as they seek out the Land Elementals.

I love the theme that carries over from the first book, finding the magic within yourself. Also, this book ponders the idea of sacrifice, and what certain things, or people, are worth to you. What would you give up to help someone? Some pretty deep subjects to touch on as we bounce from one crazy thing to another!

Kyja and Marcus(one from Earth, one from Farworld... one with magic and one without) are tested over and over as they try to solve riddles, and figure out the strange things they come up against. Everything is very fast-paced and never boring or dull.

Seriously, it's quite the adventure. If you enjoyed the first one, and I know tons of you did because there was huge blogger blitz going on with it when it came out, then you don't want to miss this one.

And of course, there's that ending! Yet another one where I banged the book against my head and said, "You've GOT to be kidding me!" These authors... they know we love it.


  1. How funny! I am just starting this book. We seem to read a lot of the same books at the same time.:) I would definitely be interested in doing a challenge to Support My Local Authors! Most of my favorite authors are from Utah, so that would be fun!!:)

  2. Oh, good, I'm glad this is out. I need gift ideas for my son. He loved Water Keep. Thanks for the review!

  3. Ha, I just reviewed the first one today! I will definitely be reading the rest in the series. Such a unique premise (I think).



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