Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Book: Fallen by Lauren Kate
Genre: YA Paranormal
Rating: A
For: ARC sent for review from Random House/Delacorte Press: To be released Dec. 8

The premise for this book sounded too intriguing to pass up, so I requested an ARC and actually got one! (I know, old news for many of you, but for me, it's still extremely cool.) I was very anxious to get to it, but it had to wait it's turn for a week or two, which wasn't too bad really, considering.

Anyway. So here's the deal. The promotion and marketing for this book is bothering me, because it seems to me that if most of the book is the main character trying to figure something out, then we as readers, should be learning and figuring and discovering right along with her. So I don't WANT to know from the get go what that conclusion will be. Know what I mean? So anyway, be careful if that sort of thing bothers you too. Don't read too much about this book if you want to learn things along with the character.

All that, of course, makes it awfully hard to review! Let's just say this has a bit of a Twilight feel, but don't let that steer you away, all you Twilight haters! There's many twists and turns and scenarios that makes it quite different from Twilight.

So it's about a girl named Luce, who ends up in this school for delinquents and crazy kids. Her parents don't quite know what to do with her because she's been having some problems, particularly a strange incident at her former school. At the new school, she makes a bunch of very unique friends and eventually starts digging into the past of one particular guy. Then things get very intense and Luce is totally confused for most of it.

So, yes, I loved it. It did get a little sappy in parts, and there's plenty of violence too, but not overly done. And yes, there's more to come. Of course! Every book I read these days is the start of yet another trilogy! What is UP with that?

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Here's a trailer that I liked that kinda gives you a feel for the book without giving anything away. (Sorry, I tried to embed it, but it was doing strange and funky things... so click on the link then pick Fallen which you'll see on the right. This is also where you can see the trailer to Maze Runner, if you haven't seen it yet.)The only problem with it... the dude does NOT fit the look needed. Not even close! Sorry dude.


  1. Thanks for the great review! It's nice to read one that doesn't give away too much, but still is great writing. I'm really looking forward to reading this one. Thanks!

  2. Great review!! I'm really looking forward to reading this!

  3. I am glad you liked this! I will refrain from reading reviews, though, and take your advice so this isn't ruined for me.

  4. It's always exciting to get a review copy that you requested! Great review--I think I'll be reading this one.

  5. I still get totally excited when ARCs or review copies come for me. The thrill, I hope, will never wear off!

    And yeah, wish they hadn't told us the entire plot point, if she doesn't learn it right away. Too bad I already read about it :)

  6. Can't wait to hear what all you guys think about it.



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