Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Friday Fun

I guess it's about time for another one of those random/rambling posts. Right? Of course right.

** Book club was fun last night. Many people decided they were neither Team Gale nor Peeta, but rather Team Finnik! We also discussed the future of our world and if we are headed for a Hunger Games type situation. Then we all got depressed. Next month for book club we are reading Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Edgerton. Anyone read it? What'd you think?

** I'm very excited to see New Moon tomorrow, and in the meantime, I hope to avoid "spoilers"... if you know what I mean. My mom, who hates everything Twilight, ended up with tickets last night to a sneak preview before all the pandemonium of midnight. I'm so curious to know how she "survived" the experience! Do you have New Moon plans?

** Our city has arrived because we now have an In and Out Burger. I happened to drive past yesterday on opening day and it was INSANE!! I can't believe what people will do for a hamburger! And today at work I heard that there are plans for a second one, so then we really WILL have it made! Where do you stand on the In and Out Burger issue? Is it worth all the hype?

** I can't concentrate on any one book at the moment. Don't ya hate it when that happens? So I'm reading like five at a time, a chapter here in one and there in another. It's kind of making me crazy actually. I need one to jump up and grab me so I can focus.

** I've been listening to Adam Lambert's debut cd streaming from his MySpace this week. Totally loving it. I especially love his mellow songs like this one:

What'd you think? Like it? Hate it?

** Ten second TV Thoughts: Gave up on V, loving Survivor lately, Amazing Race is okay, FlashForward totally strange, Mohinder is back on Heroes!, haven't watched Glee for awhile now, Vampire Diaries is all about Damon I suppose, what a dude, and I want to watch Jon and Kate's last episode. Yes. I know. Why? I don't know. Feel free to comment with your ten second TV thoughts!

** Okay, so is it really Thanksgiving next week? Seriously? I think I'm headed for a panic attack. There's just too much to do, and I just want to.... read... or something.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. aah, randomness!

    - glad you had fun @ book club
    - I'm seeing New Moon after Thanksgiving, hopefully w/ fewer rabid teens in the audience :) GO TEAM JACOB!
    - In & Out is a good burger place but not worth all the hype - I've been to them out West and I'd like to have one here in the East, but it's nothing I give more than a passing though to
    - I've been really lucky w/ books lately - every one I've picked up has been the perfect one for that moment - hope you find a good one soon
    - haven't heard Adam's songs yet, but I'll listen later tonight (Kiddo & Hubby are playing Wii Ice Hockey right now and I can't hear anything but the game)
    - TV: I agree completely on V, Survivor, and Amazing Race. Looking forward to finale of Dancing w/ the Stars (this wk) and star of LOST (in Feb). Also been watching classic Battlestar Galactica on Hulu for a dare and am LOVING it. :)
    - Thanksgiving: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

    That's all for now. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Avoiding opening day madness and am off with M to see New Moon for a Saturday matinee. Moderately excited (the newspaper review this morning said it wasn't too bad...)

    And re: In and Out; I ate at one in San Diego about 10 years ago, because I'd heard nothing but hype about it. It was good as far as burger joints go. But that's all it is: a burger joint.

    TV: I've not watched Glee in a while, either, though I still manage to find and watch the songs. (Still love those.) And SYTYCD is my reality TV fix. Love it. :-)

  3. My New Moon plans involve avoiding it. :D

    I'm mourning the fact that Numb3rs is likely to be gone after this season... And I'm woefully behind on NCIS. But I'm rewatching West Wing season 1 on dvd! It makes me happy.

    The fact that it is Thanksgiving is nearly enough to kill me. What happened to September?

  4. I'm excited to read Walking Across Egypt...Let us all hope it grabs me in, because I'm desperately needing a vacation, and reading is my only means of that right now. :) I'd love to see New Moon, just later when I don't have to fight to get in and don't have to worry too much about people clapping in the theater and/or catcalling every time some hot body comes onto the screen. That happened when I saw Twilight and I was surprised by how vehemently I despised the interruptions.

    As for In N Out...really? I mean, people, we're buying carbon credits and y'all are sitting in a line yea-long idling your engines for fast-food? Gotta be kidding me!

    As for TV, I'm trying to avoid it, because my rump can't handle much more idleness-induced heavy-as-lead deposits. :) I catch The Office, Criminal Minds and CSI (Las Vegas) and that about covers it!

    Love your Friday Ramblings!

  5. I responded to my end of the semester homework panic by spending yesterday reading and avoiding the work I have to get done. It seems like I get more reading and blogging done when I'm busy because I use both those things to avoid what I should be doing!

  6. Jeane: We actually ended up joining the crowd and going to In and Out last night. Yummy. And the crowd was fun and not overly stressful even.

    Heather J: Battlestar Galactica on Hulu? I'm going to have to check into that! I bet I would love it.

    Melissa:So. What did you think of New Moon? I thought it was very fun.

    Britt: What happened to Sept AND Oct? It gets worse every year.

    Michelle: We had no screaming or clapping at wrong times. A perfect amount of giggling and a nice appreciation for all of Taylor's hard work to become the perfect Jacob! :)

    Kim: Too funny. I love it. Keep on reading! :) All that other stuff will get done somehow!

  7. I don't think I've ever eaten at an In and Out Burger. I had no idea there was hype surrounding it :)

    I probably won't watch New Moon until it comes out on DVD. Wasn't too impressed with the first movie, I don't have high hopes for New Moon!

    Not watching much TV this year. Gave up on Flash Forward after about 4 episodes. Still don't know what Glee is. Would love to watch Vampire Diaries though, not sure if it's showing here...

  8. Last summer we got a Sonic drive-in just about 20 minutes from my home in Middleton, WI. Probably the same amount of madness that you had with In-and-Out burger. Food isn't worthy to me, but LOVE the cherry limeades (diet version)



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