Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sunday Salon: A Day Late

I tried to write a Sunday Salon post yesterday, as is the norm. But I only got about six words written before it was time to head off to visit the grandparents. So, we spent the whole afternoon doing that, instead of reading or blogging, or napping. But that's okay, 'cause it's fun to go visiting too!

IF I would have written a post yesterday, I would have told you that I finished The Lightning Thief, which took me longer than expected, and started The Dead and the Gone, which so far is NOT grabbing me like Life As We Knew It, did. I'm thinking I might set it aside and try one of the other library loot books from last week, then come back to it shortly.

Or work on one of my classics challenge books, like Agnes Grey perhaps.

Besides reading, here's what else I'm doing.... I've managed to get myself hooked to a TV series no longer on TV called Firefly. We're borrowing it from the library. Lots of fun, and a very unusual science fiction show... space cowboyish.... I love the music. Anyway, just wondered if anyone else out there is familiar with it and what you think.


  1. We watched Firefly just a few weeks ago. It was good, but not the greatest show ever, in my opinion. I, also, liked the music. It gets better as it goes along. Now I want to watch the movie that came out afterward: Serenity.

  2. I loved the series (except for a couple episodes that went too far in a certain direction).

    The opening song is one of my favorites in TV. I always looked forward to hearing it.

  3. the dead & the gone is not as awesome as its predecessor in any way. I don't buy into the idea that first person = better narrative, but in this case the distance didn't help. I wish she had just jumped into Alex's head. She may have gotten it wrong, sure, but I think it might have been better than the emotionless story he provides.

    Good news: she's writing a third and going back to Miranda? BONUS.

  4. Same reaction to dead and the gone. Maybe I was just not as freaked out, because I knew what happened. I am glad to hear there is a third one, though.

  5. I really must read Life as We Knew it soon. I have it, just a matter of reading it!

  6. I'm definitely a Firefly fan. Have you gotten to the point yet where you use the word "shiny" instead of "cool" or "awesome", etc.? So funny how easy it is to adopt TV/movie slang!

  7. I wonder why Lightning Thief took you longer than you'd expected? I couldn't put it down.



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