Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Upcoming Stuff

Last week I asked for help choosing my next book. All my commenters were pretty much evenly split between The Guernsey Literary and.... Society and Chains. But that was okay because this week, I read them both! And what wonderful books they both were! It's been a great reading week.

And now I'm again trying to figure out what to read next! Should I continue on working from last week's list? (I did start Marked last night. I've heard so much about this series lately and am really curious what it's all about.) Or should I start all over and pick from a whole new pile? I'm kind of in the mood for a Sarah Dessen type book. Ah, the decisions!

Coming up this week, I have two F2F bookclubs to attend. Usually they are on different weeks, but sometimes, with all the crazy scheduling issues to be worked around, they end up on the same week. For one we'll be discussing Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko... one my favorite YA books. And the other one will be about Elantris. So, I'm excited.

Also this week, we'll announce the latest Bookword that you've come up with to describe a book that makes you think of another book while you are reading it. Be sure to come by and vote in the next day or two! Then, I'll have an new bookword situation for us!

And tomorrow, be sure to come help me celebrate two years of book blogging! What a party! :)

Happy Sunday reading!

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