Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Job Hazard of Working at the Library....

..... is shelving books in the teen/YA section! Yes, I got to do this today and I came across so many that I wanted to take home and read RIGHT NOW! But, I only came home with five:

Dead and Gone by by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Tales of Beetle the Bard by J.K. Rowling

Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld (Midnighters #3)

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

Thirsty by M.T. Anderson

Should I drop everything else and get going on them?

And what do I say to The Mr. who rolls his eyes at me and my attraction to YA?


  1. Oooooh, The Dead and the Gone! None of my libraries around here have that one yet, I am so jealous of you!


  2. I kept a running list when I volunteered at the library.
    A very very very loooooong list...

  3. I wish my library had a better YA section! ours is TINY. I'm really dying to read the Jessica Darling series (Sloppy Firsts, etc) but I have to wait until I can make a trip out to the newer, larger library that's 20 min from home.

  4. So, do you strongly recommend Westerfeld's Midnighters series? I am finished the Uglies series and I need something else to read by him. It all depends on the library, though, but they do have this series.

  5. That's a great pile of books, Suey. Looking forward to your reviews...

  6. Kailana: I've really enjoyed the Midnighter's series so far. Very fun concept, so yes, I recommend them!

  7. They all sound good...if you are judging a book by its title.

    And tell The Mr. that it isn't how young you are it is how young you feel!

  8. Bethany: Right on! YA makes me feel young. That's it.

  9. I'm a bad Youth librarian, I haven't read any of those yet! But The Dead and the Gone is on my TBR list.



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