Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bookword Game: And the new Bookword is.....

MEMOREAD! Our new word for a book that reminds you of another book you have already read! Congratulations to Coversgirl of Between the Covers for the winning suggestion! It was a close race, getting 34% of the vote, with Deja-book coming in a very very close second.

And now we need to figure out a word for:

the certain book that continually gets moved to the 'next in the pile', but never gets read. You know, that poor neglected book that you really DO want to read, but for some reason, other books just keep pushing it out of the way! What do you call that book?

Comment with your suggestions. Voting for this book will take place at An Adventure in Reading next Wednesday.


  1. Well at the moment it is my TBR challenge list! I really want to read all of them, but for some reason I never get round to it!

    I haven't read a single one yet!

  2. Makes me think "neglect-a-book". For me, they are always the ones I own or borrowed from someone, since the library ones have to be returned by a certain date.

  3. The down-shifter...since you are always shifting it to the bottom of the pile! I have plenty of these, that's for sure!

  4. Bullied-Book: one that is always getting pushed around (in this case - down a book or two)

  5. I can't believe the word I came up with at midnight won! Let's see how this one fares - Procrastinatome



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