Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.9: A Quote a Day: Quote#1

For Weekly Geeks this week, we are revisiting another theme from the past and posting a Quote a Day! Last time when I did this, I just did my favorite random book quotes. This time, I would like to try a theme which is going to be John Green/Hank Green/Nerdfighter quotes. Some of you might understand them, some will just think I've lost my mind and then some of you I might even turn into Nerdfighters!

Quote #1:

“I don’t like reindeer. They seem like regular deer, only more dangerous. I don’t like elves unless they are played by Liv Tyler. And I really don’t like toy soldiers. Toy soldiers freak me out.” (John Green)


  1. At a bit of a loss but truly amused nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute and you made me chuckle! Although I know nothing of nerdfighters. :)

  3. i LOVE john green and that quote really made me laugh

  4. Thanks for the giggle!



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