Thursday, March 5, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: The Best Book You've Never Read

Booking Through Thursday

We’ve all seen the lists, we’ve all thought, “I should really read that someday,” but for all of us, there are still books on “The List” that we haven’t actually gotten around to reading. Even though we know they’re fabulous. Even though we know that we’ll like them. Or that we’ll learn from them. Or just that they’re supposed to be worthy. We just … haven’t gotten around to them yet.

What’s the best book that YOU haven’t read yet?

Wow. Where to start!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
The Road
American Gods
Vanity Fair
Bleak House
Edgar Sawtelle

All of which are in my plans, some for the near future, others for the far!


  1. maybe "The Road", I bought it last year, but it is on my shelf,waiting for me to read...

  2. I have so many on that list!

    I will say though, I read The Road, and I think I'm in the minority, but I didn't like it.

  3. I read "The Curious Incident" last year and really loved it. Haven't read any of the others except "Bleak House," and it was indeed bleak!

  4. "Curious..." is a quick and very good read (and I'm a slow reader). You should give it a go. I look forward to "Bleak House", myself.

  5. I enjoyed Bleak House. Typical Dickens.

  6. I've got a lot of these same books on my list, but haven't read any of them yet!

  7. Enjoyed Curious Incident, it is a quick read if that helps!

  8. American Gods is very good. Weird and surreal, yes, but an amazing book.

  9. Great list--The Road is on one of my challenge lists this year. My son read it and found it riveting, so I am holding out high hopes for it.



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