Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award/Seven Things I Love

I got tagged/awarded/ given the Kreativ Blogger Award from Kristina at Kristina's Favorites the other day! I like this one because I can make yet another list! :)

The idea is to list SEVEN things I love then tag SEVEN people.

Random things that I love:

1. I love those great big huge brownie sundaes you can get at some restaurants, with a big soft very chocolaty brownie and a huge scoop of ice cream, dripping in hot fudge sauce!

2. I love the sound of teenagers coming home, late at night, and knowing all are safe and well for yet another day. And that I can relax and go to sleep finally!

3. I love it when my mom gets in giggle fits, and then we all get the giggles, then we all start laughing so hard the tears stream down our faces, then when we realize we don't even know why we are laughing, we laugh even harder!

4. I love pulling away from the dock at the beginning of a week long cruise!

5. I love comments!

6. I love downloading new songs from iTunes and playing them over and over and over again until we are sick of them. Then again, maybe we never get sick of them!

7. I love the smell of new books. And old books. And in between books.

Seven people to tag even though one thing I don't love is tagging. Getting tagged is GREAT, tagging back, not so great:

Katie at Buzzing About

Stephanie at Books n More Books

So have at it people! :)


  1. Hey that's me! Cool. Thanks!

    I agree about the whole "tagging back" thing. Sometimes I feel like I'm proliferating Blog Spam... like mass forwarding emails...

    I tagged my readers. How's that for a cop-out?



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