Monday, February 21, 2022

Kdrama Review: Our Beloved Summer

Drama: Our Beloved Summer (on Netflix)

Genre: Melodrama romance

Starring: Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi, Kim Sung-cheol

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This one seemed something right up my alley, so I jumped into it pretty fast after hearing the buzz. It's about a couple of high school kids who star in a documentary together... one is the best student, and one is the worst. And now it's ten years later and they want to find them and have them do another documentary, so everyone can see where their lives are now. 

In the documentary it shows how they kinda can't stand each other and bicker like crazy... but of course, they ended up falling in love and afterwards they are together for years. But when the story begins, it appears that it's now been years since they had a bad breakup and they haven't seen each other at all. 

And so, this is about how they get back together, along with all the ins and outs of the above mentioned back story. And some more back story that's really sad. And how the best friend who is shooting the documentary is actually in love with the girl too. And how HIS back story is so sad. (I cried.)

So it's a very simple drama with just these people's lives... love and loss and pain and friends and etc. It was slow moving in parts, and tended to drag a few things out a bit, but overall I quite enjoyed it the slow pace of it and the focus on characters. 

Sometimes people want a drama with no bad guys... and this is one of those kind. There's not a villain. 

Also, pretty sure it will have one of my favorite OST songs of the year too, sung by none other than our V (aka. Taehyung) of BTS fame. I love his voice so much. 

But first, here's a trailer:

And the song:

P.S. The star of this drama Choi Wooshik, is also the star of Parasite (playing the son in the poor family,) which as we know, won best picture at the Academy Awards awhile back. So if you've seen that, maybe you'll recognize him. 


  1. I'm going to check this out on Netflix. I love a story without a villian!

  2. Ugh! I had a comment written! I guess I’ll write it again. I’m trying to remember. Suga is Toto’s bias and V is Sangi’s (sp?), right? Or, is hers Jungkook (sp?) and yours is V?

    1. Suga is Tori's, Jungkook is Sangi's and mine is both V and Jimin. 😍

  3. I haven't had a draw to any Kdramas since my last one, so I will probably pass on this one. I want to watch Cha Cha Cha, but I'm just not in the mood for tv shows right now.



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