Friday, July 29, 2016

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Movie: Star Trek Beyond
Genre: SciFi
Starring:  Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban
Rating: PG13
My Rating: two thumbs up

Ah! Finally! A summer movie that was I actually looking forward to. So we went this week on $5 dollar Tuesday to the 3D IMAX showing... of course. Guys. I'm getting to the point where only IMAX movies are good. The "normal" theaters...ah that screen feels so tiny now! Anyway. Spoiled. Yes.

So, we haven't been to very many movie this summer so it was awesome to be there. And since it was Star Trek, pretty much we knew it was going to be good.

Here was the story this time: our fearless heroes have arrived to a big beautiful space city called... something York... now... Yorktown...and when they get there, a distress signal comes in an this alien girl needs help with her ship and crew. So Kirk and company goes off to investigate.

Well, they get  attacked BIG time and ended up all stranded on this planet with this bad guy who starts randomly killing them. He wants this artifact that is a powerful weapon and he plans to destroy... Yorktown.

He must be stopped!

Our fearless heroes!

It's great! There's an awesome new character, Jayla, who I loved. And they use music as a weapon, which is awesome. And there's some rad motorcycle riding bits, and Scotty shines, and Chekhov shines (sob sob... I couldn't stop thinking about what happened to this actor) and there's some confusing stuff with Spock (how can two Spock's exist at once? I think it was explained in a previous movie but I forgot. I would love an explanation!)

Scotty with Jayla

Bottom Line:  All great, as expected. I love the music twist... which I won't explain but you'll just need to go watch. And I love all the actors. So perfect for their parts.

Here's a trailer that uses the funky music (Beastie Boys I think) :

And then there's the opening theme music that never fails to give me chills:

Sigh. I love this stuff.


  1. I'm glad you loved it. I did too. And, I saw the twist coming. Did you? I was okay that I saw it coming, though. It was still awesome.

    1. Jenni: I knew something was up, but didn't quite know what... twists I usually don't see...

  2. Ha ha ha! I saw it Tuesday night too. But not at the IMAX. I liked it as well. These movies are so entertaining.

  3. Enjoyed it too...But...did you realize how Beastie Boys tune related to first reboot movie? I got it immediately even tho I'm not a super Trekkie



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