Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kdrama Review: My Amazing Boyfriend

Drama: My Amazing Boyfriend
Genre: Romantic comedy/fantasy
Starring: Kim Tae Hwan, Wu Qian
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

So, technically this is not a K drama but a C drama as it's in Chinese. But we won't get technical here I suppose. But really, listening to the Chinese language instead of the Korean was a quite the change and adjustment for me. I didn't realize that the flow and beauty of the Korean language had wormed its way into my ears so well.

Actually, I should have known. But still. Chinese sounded so harsh and strange after Korean. I gotta say. But once I got over THAT bit, then I was able to fall into this drama.

And what a strange drama it was. It's a play on/spoof/nod to the recently popular drama My Love from the Star. So we have this dude who is, while not so much an alien, but a strange immortal creature which the girl MC likes to call Monster. He has mutated blood which allows him to live forever, to heal, and to have super power.

So he has lived for 500 years when our story starts... but 100 years ago, a bad dude got a hold of him and drained him of his blood, which put him in a dormant state. And so for the last 100 years, he's been asleep and lost many of his memories. One night someone is transporting him and they get in a bad wreck with a girl (our MC) who is distraught over yet another break up. Her blood spills all over the road and reaches his body and wakes him up. And the, when he sees that she is dead basically, he goes against his rules, and saves her.

And thus, our story is born. He ends up living with her. They nag at each other and get on each other's nerves, but pose as girl friend and boy friend just to make things easier. And then, of course, fall in love for real. Meanwhile, he is trying to figure out who did this to him and take revenge on his enemies.

It gets pretty complicated in plot. And yet, it's a very simple and silly drama. I quickly became invested in these characters... and yet.. they drove me crazy. When I realized the MC dude was actually Korean I was like.. is that why his talking seems so weird? He was dubbed the whole time!!! UGH!!!

The acting is pretty terrible over all, and the special effects are so B movie. It's frustrating because I know they can do better. Which, in the end, made me wonder if the B movie feel of this one was the actual effect they were going for. Know what I mean?

Anyway. I watched to the end.. in this case 28 episodes. And after all that, I was quite disappointed by the ending. There was a fun twist that came out of near where and left me scratching my head, but the love story element did not feel resolved at all and that's what I was in this for! Dang it!

And now I read there is going to be a second season of this one... oh my. What should I do now???

This one got rave reviews from the Kdrama watching crowd, which is why I decided to see what it was all about. And then I was left wondering why everyone loved it so much.

Bottom Line: I enjoyed it, but it was pretty terrible in most aspects. So how's that for a mixed review? Definitely watch My Love From the Star first.

Here's the trailer:

And some other fun scenes:



  1. Oh my, one you didn't like so much? Maybe it was the Chinese language instead of Korean that got to you.

    1. Jenny: mostly the bad effects I'd say. I can get used to the language.

  2. Another season?! That's just not right!!! They can't drag it out, lol. Maybe, it's like a duology or a trilogy in book terms.

    1. Jenni: something. I don't know!!! But seriously?

  3. Yeah, the chinese language is so very jarring when you're used to korean, isn't it? I've also found that most chinese shows WAY overact and tend to have MUCH sillier plotlines. I'm drawing a blank on ones that I liked, but if I think of them I'll let you know. I watched bits and pieces of this one and wasn't that interested to watch the entire thing I confess. I'm glad you made it all the way through though!

  4. Quite entertaining even for a Kaddict. Highly recommends it.

    Different plot line from You From The Stars so watch this with an open mind.



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