Thursday, July 28, 2016

Concert Review: David Archuleta

I'm a little behind on this one since life was crazy for awhile after we saw this concert. But let's just say, it was really fun!

We went REALLY early and waited in line in the hot sun to ensure that we had a good seat. (We have reserved tickets, but only for a section... it's first come first serve for the best seats in your section.)

And then, just as they were about to let everyone in... I was nabbed out of line because I was wearing the 30th anniversary shirt for the venue and they let me in early because of it! (I knew it would be a possibility, but wasn't sure that was a perk anymore!) So I got our seats and then just a few minutes later, the rest of the group (most of them ) came in and we got settled.

Then we waited like another hour and a half while eating pizza and people watching.

Finally the show started only it was a warm up act and now I've forgotten who it was, but she was good.

And then "intermission" and then FINALLY David came! (After four hours of waiting for him!!) Going to concerts is a test in patience and stamina let me just say!

Here's a compilation of some video and pictures that I took and uploaded:

That gives you some idea, yes? He was as sweet and humble as expected. He stopped often to tell stories and uplifting thoughts. It felt a little like a fireside (LDS peeps will know what I mean by that) and I actually expected that a bit. But he was fun and energetic and just... really awesome.

So glad we got to go!


  1. I'm glad you got to see him and had good seats since you had to wait so long in the HEAT. Ugh! I'm definitely not that die hard for anyone, except maybe my top 10.

  2. Cool that you got good seats!

  3. Sounds fun! Although not so much the long wait I gotta say.

  4. I had no idea he was still performing - how cool!



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