Sunday, July 24, 2016

Currently: Surviving Summer

Listening: Mostly all the kpop stuff still, but during the long drive I rediscovered my love for certain music pre-kpop. Like Enrique, and Muse and yes, even Josh. We plan to see Josh in just a couple of weeks, so I really do need to remember my love for him! Also, tomorrow we are seeing VanLadyLove who just happens to be playing here in the park. I'm so excited. Do you even know these guys? I love this song:

Watching: I'm in the middle of a kdrama called Kill Me, Heal Me and it's wow, intense! About a guy with multiple personalities and how one of them is going to take over his main true personality if all does not go well. And yet, we LIKE that one too!

Got a movie from Redbox last night for the first time in forever... Eddie the Eagle. It was just as awesome as you all said it would be! We've plans to go see Star Trek this week too. YES!!

I have not caught up on any "normal" American TV shows for months. Maybe I will some day. Maybe I won't.
The "bad" boy personality in Kill Me, Heal Me
Doesn't he wear his eyeliner well? :)

Reading: I finished a couple of books during the drive and have started another really easy fluffy one of which I can't even remember the name. Something about being Italian. Yeah. Maybe I'll try a "real" book again someday.

Writing: Oh man. I want to pick up the writing thing again so bad! I thought a lot about my characters while on the big long drive. But I'm still frustrated with the fact that I need a group and people who want to write with me and I'm not being successful with that and so...I'm stuck. Sigh.

Blogging: Well, I'm still at it! So there's that! This week I passed the reins of Bloggiesta along to two very enthusiastic Bloggiesta supports... MC from Blame it on the Books and Emily from Emily Reads Everything. YAY! So happy that they are willing to take it on and I can't wait to see what they do with it!

YouTubing: Our kpop channel has been growing a lot this past month. We have realized that kpop fans really like watching other kpop fans watch and react to kpop videos. It's the strangest thing and not exactly what we had in mind for our channel, but we're going with the trend. Since we are new to the fandom, there's a lot and I mean A LOT of videos for us to discover and react to, so we are doing that and finding subscribers and people who think it's funny to watch us, for whatever reason. But still incorporating some of the other ideas we had into the channel too. It's being a fun and frustrating and exciting endeavor. I need to find a  YouTube class so I can understand how this strange form of social media actually works.

In case you're interested in what I'm talking about, here's one of our more popular reaction videos for a song called Eternity by one of our most favorite groups: VIXX. This is only part 1... it continues in part 2 here.


  • We have a very exciting development for our family coming soon, which I will officially announce once it's... you know... official. But wow, the ways life can change from one minute to the next, you know?
  • I'm sick of the heat of summer, as I think everyone else pretty much is too.
  • Guys, I've really really got to figure out the eat healthy and exercise thing. HELP!! (As I plop another peanut butter m and m in my mouth. Sigh.)
  • It's possible I'll disappear for month to go help my daughter with her baby. But then again, it's possible you might see even more of me around here as maybe I'll document here on my blog about the whole adventure. 
  • And... that's about all I can think of for now! Annyeong!


  1. I'm glad you remembered there's other music out there. ;) I wish you'd pick up watching Reign again. Then I can vent to you. I wish I could get into writing again. I just don't know though. It would help to have a writing partner. I should try it again.

    1. Jenny: I thinnk we might not be on the same page regarding Reign! Cause I kinda liked Francis... but he made me crazy a lot too. And as far as I know when I was watching last, Bash was out of the running! You should totally try writing again...

    2. I used to love Reign so much.... and now.... just lost interest. It really bothered me that the only way they created swooniness was with sex instead of actually trying to create emotional and intellectual intimacy. This is the main reason I have so fully booted American tv and embraced Kdramas. SO MUCH SWOONINESS without the inappropriateness. Plus I pretty much hate Mary for cheating on Francis.

  2. can't wait to hear the official news. I think all of our "vacations" are out of the way and now comes the lull between vacations and school. Most of the time will be spent in the backyard watching the grandkids jump on the trampoline with the sprinklers on in an attempt to stay cool.

    1. Kelley: sounds like an awesome way to spend an evening!

  3. Are you getting another grandbaby? Or are they now moving too? Or is the other D getting married? Or is Toto in an official symphony? I'm just trying to guess things that could happen.

    1. Jenni: Did I not tell you this news already? Hmm.... well, I will soon! :)

    2. Oh ha! That news. Never mind. :)

  4. You watched Kill Me, Heal Me? And what did you think? Or are you not finished yet. Surely you are! :) That one is definitely intense though, I know exactly what you mean.



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