Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rambly Randomness

Remember back in the day when I did rambly posts now and then? They are sort of like the Currently posts, only no categories to follow. I thought maybe perhaps I was in the mood for one of those, given the fact that I want to blog but can think of nothing really worth spending a whole post on. Let's see how it goes....

**It's the first week of summer! We have a couple of smallish trips planned... one to Oregon (I love that place!) and one helping my daughter move across the country. There may be a third excursion in there some where. We'll see what happens! So those will be fun and we look forward to an escape. This time last year we were just about to embark on a European adventure. Maybe we'll start planning our next one soon!! :) What fun summer trips have you all got planned?

**Instead of watching new Kdramas I have RE-watched two that I've seen already. Sheesh, what's up with that??? There are so many new ones to get to! (I'm telling you... Kdrama's are just like books in pretty much every way!) I rewatched She  Was Pretty with Jenni and Kathy and guess what... THEY LIKED IT! They really liked it! (Check out Kathy's thoughts here.) It makes me so happy! Especially when they say "what should I watch next???" (Check out my list here for all suggestions!!) And then, as soon as school was out and she was free, I watched Boys Over Flowers again with daughter Toto. Yeah... I put myself through all that pain and emotion again! (Actually She Was Pretty caused pain too.. tears at that one episode AGAIN! Aish! And I even knew what was coming!)  Anyway, here's hoping the summer brings new Kdrama experiences my way. I'm hoping to watch Heirs, Healer, Pinocchio and maybe My Amazing Boyfriend or Thumping Spike. LOL! Don't you love those names!! Cracks me up....

**As for books, I think I'll do better reading-wise if I can find some really fluffy ones to devour right now. I'm on a quest to accomplish this. I can't have anything where my brain is needed much. Suggestions are welcome.

**But let me just say right here right now that even though it appears I'm suddenly doing nothing I have in fact been very very busy working on a super secret project!  A project that I'm extremely nervous about sharing. But the time is drawing near and all will be revealed soon so keep your eyes open for that announcement. So anyway, consider this your teaser.

Sadly, it has nothing to do with books or writing. But you know... that's okay.

**We saw Rockapella in concert the other day! Any one remember them? They are still very fun even though only two original guys remain. We have season tickets to the outdoor theater all summer long. We took a break from that tradition last year, so it will be fun to go again this year and report to all the fun that is had there. Up next... David Archuletta! :) But first we'll be seeing Newsies at the downtown "real" theater. Can't wait.

 Here's what they look and sound like nowadays. Awesome, yes?

 **There's supposed to be a Bloggiesta in a couple of weeks. Should we really do one? As you might have guessed, I'm just not feeling it. But I'll make it happen if enough people are interested. I tweeted this question and got one like.  So... yeah. I need more than that!!!

Well, I suppose that's enough random thoughts for one post. Um... I still feel it to be really boring, but I'll send it out there anyway.


  1. Our only trip this summer will be to ... wait for it ... Provo. Very exotic! The husband and I are attending a genealogy conference at BYU. Our daughter has EFY as well, so we'll be up a couple of times in July probably.

    1. Susan: Lucky you! LOL! But fun reasons to come and it'll be awesome. :)

  2. What?! A secret project?! Now I'm intrigued. Hey, as long as you're having fun just enjoy the journey.

    1. Jenny: Yeah, stay tuned. You aren't going to be too surprised though...still...ah... so nervous!

  3. I know the secret! I know the secret! *laughs maniacally*

    No summer trips planned for me. Maybe, next year.

    Fluffy books: How to Train Your Dragon (not fluffy but MG), The Walking Dead (not fluffy but you know basic gist of story), Life and Death (ha ha), Heist Society, Courting Miss Lancaster and Seeking Persephone, Ella Enchanted, and Freshman for President.

  4. I'm not feeling blogging at the mo, for some reason. Whatever. But I need Bloggiesta to kick me back into the groove, Suey!



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