Friday, June 24, 2016

Book Review Thoughts: PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Book: PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han
Genre: YA contemporary

I loved the first book in this series (is there more? I don't know.. maybe it's just the twosome?) and was dying to read this one. But, having done so, I'm a little disappointed.

In the first book (my review here) Lara Jean has to face the repercussions of her love letters being mailed. As part of that, she and Peter pretend to be a couple. And then they become a real couple.

In this one, they have to deal with a situation (they are videotaped making out) and an ex girlfriend (it appears Peter is a bit of a player and that of course makes Lara Jean worry when it comes his dealings with Gen.) So their relationship is a bit rocky. And then another boy that she (well not she, but her sister) sent a love letter to in the first book appears on the scene. And he is tempting.

So when she and Peter have issues, John is just RIGHT THERE!


I wanted to love it, but I was not as smitten as I was with the first one. It was more about sex than it was about relationships. I'm getting sick of this theme. And in the end, I was over Peter and kinda sorta wanted John to make a bigger splash than he did. But having said that. Lara Jean had all her issues to sort out too, so maybe John needed/deserved someone with a few less issues.

It did redeem itself in the end with much being said about sisters and how they are pretty much your best friends. And I love their dad relationship too. Also, I appreciated the nod to Korean culture this time around much better than I did in the first book. Imagine that!

Bottom Line: Fans of the first book will enjoy it, but it was really nothing to rave about.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't like this one as much as the first one. I hate when sequels are like that. I'm glad you enjoyed the Korean references, though. I always enjoy Japanese references in books I read.

  2. Not my genre but sounds like a nice contemporary romance read. Those touches of Korean references would be of additional interest.

  3. I'm so sad this one didn't do it for you. By the end I liked John better too. I hope there's more because I love her love triangles.

  4. You finally read a book and it was disappointing! I'm sorry!



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