Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Summer Blasting

We're thinking about summer again over at the Sing Along Saturday meme hosted by Bookish Things and More. Here's the prompt:

Summer theme song – what song will you be blasting nonstop over the summer?

Okay, well, I'll be blasting kpop all summer, as I have done for the past six months. There is no end in sight. Everyday I'm discovering new songs to love. And while I can't think of ONE particular song that will define my summer (of course I can't!) I can think of a few that I KNOW I'll be blasting pretty much non-stop.

And since it's been awhile since I shared kpop here... (It HAS been awhile! I checked! It's been over a month, not counting the introduction of the kpop channel we started. That's A LOT of new songs I've been listening since then!)... I figured I was good to share more today in the ongoing effort to lure more friends to the fandom. Because man, we have fun over in this fandom!

Here we go.

Somehow this song has slipped under my radar and when I listened to it yesterday I was like...oh... I love this one! It will be on the blasting playlist for sure. It's called Silver Spoon by BTS:

One of our fellow kpop friends recently introduced us to this song (you can see our first reaction to it here) and since then we've been playing it non-stop. Yes, it will be on the blast list too. It's called Rocking by Teen Top:

And finally, one from my new favorite group (after Super Junior that is!) This is Eternity by VIXX, and I love love love it!

Just an example of what my summer music blast list will look (sound) like. At the end of the summer maybe I can choose just one that ended up as the theme song. Um. That will be interesting.

What songs will you be blasting this summer?


  1. The start of "Silver Spoon" sounds similar, but then it didn't sound similar. I don't like it as much as I like the other BTS songs I've heard. I liked "Rocking" a lot and I've added it to my playlists. :) And, I really liked "Eternity" too. The backwards dancing sequence at the beginning is really cool.

    1. give it time... silver spoon is one that sneaks into your music love

    2. Jenni: Thanks for always giving my crazy songs a chance. Everyone else will just never know what they are missing...

  2. I feel as if I have failed you if you are just now noticing Silver Spoon! This is one I would blast (on my headphones) while bored in the library months ago! And when I first heard it, I thought they were saying "I need... Pepsi" and it was hilarious to me!!!!



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